Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


18. Ok, threatening a griffin's not a good idea - Chapter 18

This was awful, Lys had invaded everything I cared about and this stupid bird didn't care?

I grabbed my knife and held it above its injured shoulder. 

"Alright then, don't try and throw me off because I'll take out your wing before you do. YOU are going to look for someway of defeating Lys, aren't you?"

Cinder stiffen and wriggled crazily, trying to through me off,

"Not so chatty now, are we? You've traveled all over these mountains, you must have heard something. I'm not joking, I will kill you"

I gently jabbed the tip of my blade into the wound, producing a small spurt of blood.

"I may have heard something," Cinder said, surprisingly calm, "Lys has a bunch of anti necromancers - Lysites's they're called. They live on a glacier known as the mirror, but its surrounded by protection. They're trained to sniff out necromancers, you wouldn't last a second."

That was good, at least I now had a destination.

"You know, as humans go you weren't that bad. But stabbing me kind of hurts so..." He flicked me off his back.

Once again I tumbled through the air, cursing all birds and creating a ball of shadow's in my hand. I might be able to hook it on that damn birds wing. But could I do it in time?

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