Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


14. I mess up. Chapter 14

Cinder and I were sitting in the stables; the possessed ones had given us the stables free of charge. A few other people had gone to speak to the Thane about the possessing but he was one of the Lys worshipers too. I’d learnt about Lys, he was the crazy god of fire and light, why was he infecting a town filled with Necromancers? I had heard that the people that founded the town origionally dedicated it to Lys to reduce the long nights that used to plague the town. The necromancers arrived soon after, we were never taught about how they took control over the followers of Lys. It was bizarre and I hoped Cinder would have some answers.


As if.


“So you know the same as I do? Your meant to be the all powerful griffin of the mountains! You don't even know about the necromancers and the followers of Lys!”


“Hey, I don’t spend ALL my time around humans, I’m starting to wonder why I'm even sticking around here, why should I care about Lys?

Oh, this was the last straw. I hated being in debt to him, even though I don't think he knows that I'm the same one he saved all those years ago.


“How about I go and tell this lot your not Lys, eh?” I said angrily.


That was a mistake. They obviously weren't as trusting as I had thought, as soon as those fateful words left my mouth a group of armed guards walked into the musty stable.

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