I'll Always Remember You ( Justin Bieber )

Kylie Brooks, a model, and 16 years old. Her manager, Scooter Braun, also known as Justin Biebers manager flies her out to Los Angeles. Kylie has never met Justin, or so she thinks.. , and never liked him. She always thought he was fake. Well don't you think feelings for someone can change? Read to find out...


4. Chapter 3 Just Trying To Get In My Pants

~ Home ~

Kylie's P.O.V

Ugh! I hate this! I could tell Justin was just trying to get in my pants! I saw him texting 'Selena'

aka: Slutena Hoemez! ( A/N : I love Selena in real life! ) the last thing I saw was 'K bye babe'.

But... The way his eyes sparkled.. his hair, hi- "Ugh!"

"Aye.. You ok?" Justin sat on the edge of my bed

"Yeah..." I blushed. Why am I blushing in front of 'Popstar' ?!?!

"So.. I was.. maybe.. you wanna go out sometime?" Justin asked nervously

"Justin you have Slutena Hoemez, go fuck her or some shit" I don't know.. maybe I did wanted to go out. But he has Selena for gods sake!

"HEY! SHES NOT A SLUT!!!!!" My back was pinned against the wall. I chuckled.

"You forgot hoe" I whispered, and limboed under Justin's arm

"Fucking, bitch" I heard Justin mumble

My head shot up

"Dick" I shot back






"ENOUGH! You two are acting like 5 year olds!" Scooter shook his head

"Haha I won" I did a victory dance

"Hey beliebers, like Kylie's little dance " That's when I figured the 'dick' was recording, live stream

"Justin!" I jumped on him and straddled him.

"I like this position" He smirked

"OH MY GOSH! I KNEW IT! JYLIE! OMG OMG OMG!" We both heard Fredo, causing us too chuckle

"Uh... Kylie.. You can get up now" Justin blushed. Awww he's so cu- UGH I keep doing that !!

"Kylie you have a interview tomorrow, and a photoshoot with Luke ( Luke is Kylie's posing partner ).

"Ok w-"

"WHOS LUKE?!?!?!" Justin shot up.

"Woah, relax Bieber it's just Kylie's partner" Alfredo emphasized the word 'Partner'.

"SHUT UP FREDO OR ILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" Justin grabbed Alfredo's collar, and right before he was about to punch him, Scooter sliced his hand in between.

"Seriously! You guys this isn't funny anymore!" Scooter was furious. But I do blame him, it's pretty funny seeing Bieber all mad towards me.

"And Kylie?! She called me a dick earlier!"

OMFG now really Bieber?

"Cuz you called me a bitch, dick face!" I got up from my chair

"Oooooooo it's about to go down!!!!!"

"Shut the hell up Fredo! Geez!" Me and Mr Popstar ( Justin ) said at the same time


"Geez Scooters pissed" I whispered to Justin

I sat on my bed scrolling down on twitter, @beliebertillidie 'Stay away from Justin you worthless bitch! He doesn't need you he has Selena! She's way prettier than you'll ever be!' Ouch. That hurt. A lot.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"Hey Kylie why are you crying?" Shit.


"Oh it's nothing" I faked a smile

"Come on I know when you're lying"

"Y-your b-beliebers s-s-said I w-was w-worthless a-a-and a b-b-bitch" I cried into Justin's chest

"What?! Let me see" I handed Justin my phone

"Oh my gosh,, Kylie you're none of that, and you know that we both know that"

"B-but y-you c-called m-m-me a b-itch too" I whispered

"Oh... Did it hurt that bad?" I nodded

"Kylie, I just have a temper, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean anything I said, will you forgive me? Please?" Well should I?

"Ok" I smiled

"That's the smile" Justin poked my dimples

"Justin!" I covered my face in my hands

"Awww you're so cute!" He removed my hands, and starting leaning in, right before I could stop him we kissed, and I felt sparks, I know Justin did too. Justin pulled back and smiled.

"Well.. Um.. I'll be back later, bye Kylie" He stood up from my bed, leaving my sight


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