The Wives of One Direction

These girls are married to Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn. Two of them are pregnant.


11. Liam's Wife (update)

Bri's P.O.V.

I'm about 4 months pregnant, and I'm going to my doctor's appointment.  I know it would be a good visit, but I'm still nervous. "Babe, it's okay, don't worry," Liam said, knowing that every time we were on our way to the doctor, I would get nervous. "I know, just my hormones, you know?" I tell him. "Trust me, I know more than just 'you know'!" Liam puts quotes in the air as we step out of the car. I laugh, he always knew how to make me laugh. As I step into my doctor's office, I see him typing on his computer. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Payne, follow me!" he says cheerfully. I like my doctor, always so positive. "Okay, your babies are doing well!" he says, being more serious. "Wait, BABIES?" I practically scream. "Yes, you are having twins," he says, calmer than even before. "Liam, we're having twins!" I exclaim, knowing he is just as excited as I am. We both hold each others' hands and kiss. "When you come back next time, you will find the genders of your babies!" he exclaims, practically jumping up and down. I've been his favorite patient since day one. I don't know why. This doctor's appointment went better than I thought!

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