1 out of 50

as she stopped to take a breath she looked back never in a thousand years did she think she'be this scared..but again theres the fact that never in one millon years would she meet ...him.

Niall horan. you have heard of him yes ? well there might be something you didnt know about him.hes dark , mysterious,and yet is inone of the most biggest boybands in the world.two question. why is he si mysterious? and why do the boys seem so afraid around him ?

Cassie young. shes smart,caring,has a sense of adventure. she might as well be the one you call perfect. well,except she could be in danger


1. chapter alittle about me. Cassie young.

hi. im Cassidy. but people call me cassie. im 18 and im very adventurous, its like cariosity got the better of me.

i have hazel brown eye that turn green at time,and brown hair with amber highlights.i love my life. everythings nice. ok i lied its the exact opisite of that. 

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