Broken Girl

Alizey is a girl, who is hurt, broken and torn, she run away from her house, to get away from the beast that is killing her, as she came to a new country, alizey get to experience many things, she has her own flat, own job and now she made 7 friends, but what will happen when one of her new friends start to fall for her, what will she do? Will he break the wall that she had made? Will she bear the hate that she will get after getting her relationship official with him?


22. Truth and Dare

"That was a pretty cool movie," Louis said, el just shake her head. 


"What we should do now?" Sammy asked, in 2 hours sammy went close to niall, they were laughing, talking. That was rare of sammy, because in her entire life she wasn't friends with boys either she would fight with them or punch them in face.


"We should play truth and dare," El said, we all nodded.


"Ok, we can start who ever is in front of other ok," El said, el sit in front of louis, while I sit in front of niall and harry sit in front of sammy.


"Ok, i'll ask first to el," Louis said,


"Truth or dare?" Louis asked,


"Truth," She said,


"Ok, would you rather be with justin bieber or justin timberlake," He grinned,


"I'd rather be with louis tomlinson," She blushed, as we all said aww, louis came closer to her and peck her cheek.


"Ok now niall," Harry said,


"Truth or dare?" I asked,


"Dare" He said feeling proud. I smirked, I looked at harry he nodded.


"Ok I dare you to kiss sammy," I said, he eyes widened so were sammy's. She glared at me mouthing 'you're so dead'.


"Um ok," He said and went to sammy, and took her face bought her closer and put his lips on her. I can see sammy is shaking.


They both pulled away and I can see sammy was blushing harder. Niall came over his place and smiled.


"Harry truth or dare?" Sammy asked,


"Dare," He said,


"I dare you to do a slow dance with alizey," This time my eyes widened.


Oh god!

Things are already awkward between us, now they will be more.


"Ok," He said, coming towards me, smirking.


"May I have this dance please," He said,


"Yes you may," 


He took my hand and pulled me closer to him, while sammy played the song, that was i'll be. Harry placed his one hand on my waist while his other on my hand, and my one hand on his shoulder.


As we keep moving back and forth, I can see harry was staring at me, as the song came at end, he came closer and took my face and kissed me.




That was pretty cool chapter, I don't wanted to upload till tomorrow, but then this idea came and i wrote it, hope you guys would like it, and hope so i'm gonna get my ipad in some weeks, so yeah!


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