Broken Girl

Alizey is a girl, who is hurt, broken and torn, she run away from her house, to get away from the beast that is killing her, as she came to a new country, alizey get to experience many things, she has her own flat, own job and now she made 7 friends, but what will happen when one of her new friends start to fall for her, what will she do? Will he break the wall that she had made? Will she bear the hate that she will get after getting her relationship official with him?


15. Mistake

I got out of bed as I saw the time, it was 8am, I went to take shower, after shower I changed into black leggings, sweater and my hair in beanie. I wore my uggs, and went downstairs with my bag. I made myself some pancakes, after eating them I saw the time it was 8:50am, I put the dishes in sink and left the house to my job.


I came at the bookstore, and saw claire sitting on her usual place, I said her hi, for which she greeted me politely.


I sit down on my chair, as customers came by, I helped them, and then one customer came, who was really annoying. He can't stop staring at me.


"Excuse me, can you please help me find a book?" The same one said, I huffed and went to him.


"Which book are you looking?" I asked him.


"I want some romantic novels of any female writer," I nodded and started to look through shelfs.


One hand placed on my waist, kissing my neck from back. I can't help it but it was just a habit, jason used to do to me, which gave me pleasure, and now this guy was doing. I faced him, he took my face and started to kiss me, squeezing my boobs. I smiled in pleasure, as realization hit me, I moved back.


What the hell I was doing? Am I crazy? For this I ran away, and now I'm doing it again. I shake my head, I can't do this, I really can't. This is not good. I need to focus on good things to remove my mind from dirty memories.


"I'm so sorry," I said as I gave him books.


"Claire, can I go home early please?" I asked,


"Are you ok alizey?" She asked, I shake my head.


"I'm not feeling well, my eyes are getting hot and I'm having a headache," I said, she nodded.


"Ok you can go," She said, I wore my bag and run to my house.


I opened the door, and went to my room. I stripped out of my clothes, and took the razor that I usually have. I don't wanted to do it, but I can't stop myself.


I took the razor and cut my thigh, then cut my hand and lastly on my stomach, The blood was pouring on my skin. I went to shower, and cried in it. Flashback started to come back.




"Mom, where are you going?" I asked mom, as she sprayed perfume.


"Sweety, I'm going to a party with your dad, ok" I nodded.


"Bye mom have fun," I said as I went to my room. I did my homework, I sensed someone looking at me, but then I shrugged that thought. Who would be looking at me, when I'm alone at home. I closed the door and stripped out of my clothes, into shower. 


As I'm alone in my house, I let the shower door open, that the advantage of being home alone, you can do whatever you want to.


I started to wash my hair. I was rinsing out the shampoo, when I felt someone behind me. I wash my face and saw jason standing naked smirking at me.


I covered myself with the cloth that was shower curtains. I was breathing so hard, he is like my brother why would he be here.


"Why are you covering yourself," I didn't answer.


He started to come close to me, I moved back, he moved back the curtain, and stare at my body, I tried to cover again, but my arms were in his hands. He pushed me to the wall, kissing my neck.


"I just wanted to fuck right here right now," He whispered, terror was in my eyes, i was shivering.


"Wow, are you shivering of cold? Don't worry i'll make you hot," Before he could do anything, I run away wearing my robe. I was going outside when jason snatched me, I was on floor, trying to make it to door, but he pulled my legs and throwed me on bed. 


He opened my robe, I was crying so hard, This can't be happening, I thought he was in his college, why the hell he was here.


He started to kiss me, squeezing my boobs, I was crying really hard even now, in sobs.


"Please jason, don't" I pleaded, but he just smirked.


"Don't worry it won't hurt you, just do as I say ok bitch," He said as he pushed himself into me.


Flashback over


I opened my eyes, as my house bell rang. I wore pajamas and t-shirt, as I went to the door.


I saw grinning curly boy, harry, his smile faded as he saw me. Oh god, now he will sensed that something was wrong.


"Ali, are you ok? Were you crying?" He asked me, but all I did was hug him and sob into his chest.


That's the least thing I can do, I'm such a mess.




Hi guys, I really cried while writing this chapter, so here what i wanted to say guys, I only get 3 hours to be on internet, so in that hours, I have to check my facebook, youtube and everything, and also update other stories, like on wattpad, quotev, so I tried to update this book everyday, and I do, but if I don't do it everyday, just assume, I'm busy with my school work, seriously my teacher really on my nerves, they gave me a ton of homework, which I do, and it's still not finish! Ugh! I was thinking of starting a youtube channel, but no i can't do it now, just how much I'm busy, but when I'll get my ipad next month, i'll update more often! So yeah! I hope you like this chapter do tell me in comments xx


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