Broken Girl

Alizey is a girl, who is hurt, broken and torn, she run away from her house, to get away from the beast that is killing her, as she came to a new country, alizey get to experience many things, she has her own flat, own job and now she made 7 friends, but what will happen when one of her new friends start to fall for her, what will she do? Will he break the wall that she had made? Will she bear the hate that she will get after getting her relationship official with him?


1. Getting Hurt

I look at white ceiling as I was being getting hurt, he was sliding his manhood inside me, harder and faster, making me scream, but I didn't. I screamed inside my heart, and praying to god that after this I hope I get died. 


He got up and wearing his clothes, and I just layed down numb on floor. He slapped me on face, which bought me back to my senses. He was my cousin, and he always do this to me, cause I'm too weak to even say something to him.


"Bitch, come on get up and leave my room, on friday same here, and you will stay all night in my room, cause you're parents wouldn't be home, ok, just before I go for my job in america, ok" I nodded and then he throwed me out, I got in my room, and fall down on my knees, crying.


I got up and get in shower, crying in shower, I put on my night clothes, and went to bed, for some hours I didn't get sleep, but after that, I fall asleep.




I wake up as I feel some skin was touching my private area, I saw who it was, it was no one but jason my cousin, my pajamas were down and shirt was open, revealing my boobs, I shrieked away but jason hold me, I cried, he suck my boobs, I tried to push him away but he was so strong, he started to kiss me harder, which made me cry even more.


I screamed but I know that no one can heard me, after he sucked my body he left, leaving me there to feel dirty.


That was the moment when I realized that I need to move out or find someone who would stand for me, but the problem was I can't trust any guy.


And I won't.


There is only one thing I can do, run away.




Hey guys, new book hope you guys like it do tell me what do you think xx


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