Taken Away

Hello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My Brother couldn't adopt me because he was too busy with his tour and work until one day...

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3. The Call

Louis P.O.V

I was talking to Harry until I got a call, I was so excited because Aaliyah was calling. I picked it up and shouted "LIA WHERE ARE YOU SIS? YOU HAVE COMPANY HERE" then I heard a man talking, he said "Hello is this Louis Tomlinson?" I said "Yes where is my baby sister? Is she hurt? Is she stolen? Where the hell is she?" The man said "This is Officer Bill, I have some pretty bad news." Oh no I thought, I said "Ok, well bad news your sister is in hospital and she was hurt very bad, she is in a coma." After I heard those last 4 words I broke down crying and the boys came running up to me asking whats wrong? what happened? was it Aaliyah? "A-Aaliyah" then I started crying and the boys said "Come on say it" "A-Aaliyah is in a coma" I said between sobs. Thats when everyone broke down, I got up grabbed by coat and turned the doorknob then I heard the boys running and asking can they come? I said yes and we all got in.

*skip car ride*

We got in the hospital and I asked the lady at the front desk"Exuse me, what room is Aaliyah Tomlinson in?" "5th Floor and 1st door on the right." She said. We all ran to the elavator and I pressed number 5 and we waited for what felt like forever then we got there we ran to the 1st door on the right and there we saw Aaliyah stitched up to all these machines around her thats when I couldn't help but cry, the boys were behind me patting my back while I cry. Out of nowhere the machines started beeping I told Harry to go call the doctors after that 5 doctors came running in and kicked us out, they pulled down the blinds so we couldnt see. 

We decided to go see Niall while we were at hospital so we went to his room, I walked in with my head down, Niall knew something was wrong "Louis whats wrong?" I looked up at him then started crying, Liam said "Its Aaliyah she is in coma." Niall started crying a river, we were all crying for about 1 hour until the doctor came in and told us Niall could go home but he needs to rest alot, we were all happy and sad. We went to the front desk to sign the documents for Niall to leave, "Im not leaving here, im staying with Aaliyah" Niall said. "No you can't, the doctor said you need to rest!" Zayn said. Harry said "Zayn and Louis will stay here and Liam and I go home with Niall, ok?" Niall said "Fine lets go"

Nialls P.O.V

"Fine lets go" I said because the boys wanted me to go home. I went with Liam and Harry while Zayn and Louis stayed at the hospital. When I got home I had a nightmare.


"Aaliyah please wake up, come on stay with me!" I said

"Aaliyah NOOOOO"

All I heard was beeping machines they kicked me out.

They came out 4 hours later, "Niall Horan, sorry Aaliyah is dead."

*End of nightmare*

I woke up screaming the boys came running asking what happened "Just a Nightmare, im fine" I lied I actually wasn't.

Louis P.O.V

Niall went home while I stayed with Zayn. We were waiting outside of her door I was walking up and down the hallway while Zayn was asleep. I had my little moment when Zayn was asleep. As I walking the door opened from where Aaliyah was in, I woke up Zayn he shot open his eyes and asked me if im fine, I said yeah. I pulled him up and we walked to the doctor and he looked very upset "Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction right?" The doctor asked. "Yes, just friken tell me how my baby sister is!" I shouted, the doctor said "Calm down, I have very bad news she lost her memory. She also broke a leg, arm and her neck. I started crying hugging Zayn. I heard Zayn say can we see her. I looked back at the doctor with my red puffy eyes. "Did she forget her family too?" A tear fell down the doctors cheek he wiped it away immedietly. "Yes, Im so sorry Mr Tomlinson I have experienced this before, you just have to deal with it I know its very hard she is also awake." "One more question, will she be able to remember?" I asked. "Yes she will you just need to tell her little bits about yourselfs and photos and memories.!" I was so happy.

Aaliyahs P.O.V

"My head hurts" I groaned, I opened my eyes to see 2 handsome boys standing infront of me, I didn't want to be rude so I just said "Hello, who are you?" the boy with the black hair said "Hello i'm your friend Zayn and this guy to my left is" The other guy nudged him so he just said "Were here to take you home, you lost your memory." I thought wait what? I lost my memory!! I replied "Oh ok when do I go home?" "Today" He smiled at me then I smiled back. I looked around the room and had no clue where I was so I asked I think his name is Zayn "Where am I?" He said "Hospital. Do you remember who this guy to my left is?" "No I am so sorry." I said. "Oh ok his name is Louis he is um your um brother" He said. I looked at Zayn with big wide eyes then at I think Louis and then back at Zayn. I said "OMFG I HAVE I BROTHER! YAY" I shouted, I didnt want to make him more sad so I acted happy. "Wow calm down Charlie Brown." Louis said. I chuckled at that because it was ridicoulously funny. Zayn said "We will be back" with a smile, they then walked outside and shut the door.


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