Taken Away

Hello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My Brother couldn't adopt me because he was too busy with his tour and work until one day...

Read and your mind will be blown! :)


5. Mum and Dad

Aaliyah's P.O.V

We haven't told my parents that I'm out of the orphanage. If they had found out Louis had adopted me they would've killed Louis like literally.


Louis' P.O.V

I still haven't told Aaliyah about Mum and Dad coming to town. If theyhad found out I had adopted Aaliyah they would've literally killed me. Tomorrow they come we are going to send Aaliyah to Elenas house, we called Elena and she said she would love to have Aaliyah over. 

Aaliyahs P.O.V

*Ring* *Ring*

( A=Aaliyah, E=Elena)

E:Hey Aaliyah, wanna come over today and have a girls day?

A:Yeah, sure I would love to! 

E:Yay! Bye love you

A:Love you too !

She hung up, since I was going to Elena's today I decided I would  have to get ready so I went into my bathroom and took a long hot shower to fully wake me up. I then got out and went to go choose what I should wear, "Mmm" I said "OOOH I LIKE THIS!" I grabbed out a baby blue dress and chucked it on and then I got my white sandals and put them on to, I looked at the time and it was 10:00 so I decided I will go now. I ran downstairs and kissed Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam goodbye then went into the car. I started the engine and drove off.

*10 minutes later* 

I stood on her doorstep and pressed the doorbell, I heard footsteps coming towards the door then a tall handsome guy opened the door. He had his shirt off and was wearing pyjama pants, then Elena came and pulled the guy away.

Louis' P.O.V

Niall and Zayn went to the mall, Harry and Liam went to go see Danielle and there it was me all home alone waiting for my parents to arrive. I was wearing a black top with cargo pants rolled up. I was sitting down watching Television the the doorbell rang. Oh No it's my parents, I walked up to the door and took a deep breath then opened "LOUIS!!" They shouted, I screamed "MUM, DAD!" We kissed and hugged eachother then I invited them inside and offered them cookies that I made they said yes.

Aaliyahs P.O.V

"Elena, who the hell is this?" I shouted. "This is my fr-" the boy cut her off and said "Boyfriend!" with a smile. I ran to my car and Elena came running after me I ignored her and drove off. I couldn't believe she hadn't told me about her having a boyfriend, we tell eachother everything and she didn't even tell me that! I arrived at home. And kept ringing the doorbell but nobody answered so I took my key out and opened it for my self I went upstairs, into my room and laid on my bed. I was't bothered to go look for any of the boys because they were probably with Paul plannig stuff for the tour.

Louis' P.O.V

I took Mum and Dad outside with a couple of drinks, we sat outside for a while. Then Mum needed to go toilet so I told her it was upstairs, first door on the right. It was Aaliyahs bathroom.

Aaliyahs P.O.V

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs I thought it was Louis so I pretened to sleep, but then I heard high heels I knew Louis never wears high heels so I just kept sleeping. I heard the high heels getting closer and closer then I heard it stop, Phew! All of a sudden someone wrapped there hands around my mouth so I couldn't speak then I looked back to see who it was and it was..........my Mum. She dragged my out of the room and chucked me in her boot and strapped me up then locked the door and left.

Louis' P.O.V

My mum was taking a while then she came back and she sat down, her pisses take really short so I knew something suspicious had been going on I exused myself and went inside I looked outside and noticed Aaliyahs car was here, Oh shit my mum and dad probably took her I went back outside and my mum and dad said they were leaving, thats when I knew something was up. Whenever they fly in they would stay the night but know they wanna leave! I had a plan. I kissed them bye and then they left.

Aaliyahs P.O.V

I looked to see who was coming in the car. Then two people came in the car and said "Oh Aaliyah Aaliyah, I see big brother Louis adopted you and has taken care of you, now we are going to be taking care of you!" in an evil voice. I was so scared I wanted just to be in Louis' arms now. I just remembered my phone, I decided I would leave it. The car suddenly stopped then......

Louis' P.O.V

Oh Shit, Aaliyahs gone I started crying my eyes out. I stopped and decided I would call the police, then I thought maybe they wouldn't have maybe she just went to the shop or something, I decided to wait for a few minutes to be completley 100%.


A/N- So sorry I took so long writing this chapter! I was having a writers block. And I also apoligise for this short chapter again! Its 11 here and im so tired because I just came back from a party, but I wanted to write this chapter just for you guys! xox Aaliyah.








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