Taken Away

Hello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My Brother couldn't adopt me because he was too busy with his tour and work until one day...

Read and your mind will be blown! :)


2. Louis

Louis P.O.V

I can't believe I let my stupid sister go to the hospital how dumb of me. I also can't believe that Niall tried to even go on a date with his sister. When we were on our way to the Adoption Centre, I went over the rules 10,000000 times and my closest mate in the band betrayed me! I can't believe it.... I feel good that I punched him.

Aaliyah's P.O.V

When we arrived at the hospital the boys were already there. Nurses took Niall inside and checked him up. The nurse came out like 10-20 minutes later and told us that he was fine but that his neck was broken and his jaw. I started to tear up a little bit but I wiped it away before any of the boys had seen me. "You can visit him now, only 2 maximum" First Liam and Louis went in, Zayn and Harry and then me. I was so scared to walk but I wanted to see him. I turned the white doorknob and I was walking towards Niall when I heard a knock on the door, I ignored the knock and went to sit on the chair beside Niall. The door flung open and I saw Louis standing there with anger shown all over him he walked towards means slapped me on the face and said "WHY THE HELL WERENT YOU AT HOME AT 2:00 YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL!" I touched my face and it was burning. I stood and said right infront of his face "IM NOT GOING AND YOU CANT STOP ME!" But before I even knew it he was dragging me by the ear out the door and the boys tried stopping me but I told them they can't do anything so don't worry. I can't believe what Louis just did to me he never would hurt me but I don't know, I think he is a monster man!

*skip car ride*

When I arrived home I saw my suitcases at the door, NOO I CANT BE LEAVING 😭. I turned to Louis who had my bags in his hand with a smile, he said "Get the hell in the car now!" I did as I was told before I got whipped. I can't believe I'm leaving Britian for Australia. When I was about to hop inside the massive black limo I said to Louis "Can I at least take a drive around the city before we leave?" There was silence between the two of us for about 5 minutes until Louis broke the silence and said "Be back in an hour, ok?" I nodded with excitement filled all over me and I ran to Louis and hugged him tightly "You better get going now before the flight" Louis said with a smile on his face.

Louis P.O.V

I felt very mean for what I had did to my baby sister so I decided to let her go drive around the city for an hour but I think she was going to see Niall but I decided that I was going to go see Niall right after I go and cancel our flight, Aaliyah is going to be so happy. I went inside our house and opened up my MacBook Pro and wrote in the bar www.quantas.com.au and cancelled the flight. Right after that I got in my car and drove to the hospital "Hello, I was wondering what room Niall Horan is in?" she told me 3rd floor, first door on the right, after she said she started talking to me and twirling her hair but before she could go even further I walked to the elevator. I walked into Niall room and saw Liam in their talking to Niall. I walked over to him and then he covers his face with the blanket and said "Please don't hurt me!!!" I said "I'm not going to hurt you Niall, please forgive me for what I did to you I'm a horrible friend and I hope we can make this relationship better!" Niall smiled and said to me "Of course, now get your ass here and give me a hug" I walked up to Niall and he squeezed me "Um Cant breathe here" He said "oh sorry" and let go. Liam then whispered something into Nialls ear and I saw a tear trickle down his cheek. I said "What's wrong Niall?" be said to me "PLEAASE DONT LEAVE ONE DIRECTION WITHOUT YOU WE ARE NOTHING!" That made me cry so I started tearing up because that's how much it shows Niall cares about me and how much he doesn't want me to leave. I wiped the tears away and said "I cancelled my flight, IM NOT LEAVING!!" They sighed with relief.

Aaliyah P.O.V

I decided to go to the mall with my friend Elena, so I texted to her:

To: Elena

From: Aaliyah

Hey babe wanna come to the mall with me if so meet me at Victoria's Secret shop now! Love Aaliyah xx

And within a second she replied back:

To: Aaliyah

From: Elena

Yeah sure babe ill be there in 5. Elena xx

I arrived there and I saw Elena waiting at the store for me I ran  to her and hugged her for what felt like forever finally Elena broke away from the hug and she said "I feel like I haven't seen you in like forever!" I said to her "Well I'm here, now lets get shopping baby!" We linked arms and started shopping.

*skip shopping*

"Bye Babe" I said between me sobbing. She said "I love you" we started to hug and then I pull away "I better get going before Louis kills me!" I jumped in the car and I turned on the engine and drove off. I was getting a call from Louis I picked it up and he said "Hey darling' where are you?" I said "Just driving down this scary road, sorry if I'm late!" He said "Um when you get back some special people are here! Okie Dokie stay safe love you" I replied with the same thing and hung up." I kept thinking about Niall, if he is ok or not then I started to worry. I saw this massive gas petrol truck coming towards me but I still kept thinking about Niall then all I can hear is the truck beeping its horn but I just sat there then all I felt is the car flipping upside down then I felt a person pulling me and heard sirens then I blacked out...... 

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