Taken Away

Hello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My Brother couldn't adopt me because he was too busy with his tour and work until one day...

Read and your mind will be blown! :)


13. Gone

Aaliyahs P.O.V

I woke up to my phone constanly beeping, I picked it up and saw tons of messages from different people especially Niall. He kept telling me sorry I was drunk and stupid and that shit but I didn't fucking care. I got and did what I had to do then changed into a baby blue maxi dress and decided to go for a drive.

Nialls P.O.V

I keep texting and calling Aaliyah but she keeps ignoring me and im getting really pissed off. So I got ready and went to the car, I decided to go check on Aaliyah and I must admit i'm kind of scared not of Aaliyah but Louis. After a 10 minute drive I finally arrived, I hopped out and rang the doorbell scared and nervous Louis answered. "Oh hey bro" I said, "What the fuck do you want?" he asked standing right infront of me, "um how is Aaliyah?" I said, "why the fuck do you wanna know, aye?" he said, "oh just asking" I said. He then had a smirk on his face and pulled something out of his pocket I looked at what it was and it was a..........................................


He said "bye bye Niall" and shot me but lucky I ducked down I turned around because the look of his face and he shot.......... Aaliyah. We both ran up to her screaming at eachother saying it your fault and swearing at eachother then I looked around and hoped no one saw what had happened but before I even knew it I looked around and saw everyone around neighbours, friends and paparazzi. I even heard sirens in the distance.  

Not long ago the police had arrived and had been asking everyone around if they had witnessed anything and if so they had to state what. I had to tell them evrything that had happend about Louis everything, Louis has to go to jail for 3 days and also tried to blame me but that didn't happen.

The ambulance came and took Aaliyah to the hospital, I jumped in the back. Tears streamed down my face as I saw she had bruises all over her face and arm I thought to myself does Louis abuse, is she going out with a abusive boyfriend? I cried and  cried until we reached the hospital. We took her in and unfortunetly I had to stay outside so they could check if she had injured herself.

I called her parents and told them they were devasted and were bursting into tears then I was going to call Aaliyah's friend Amanda but I accidently pressed on Aaliyah I was about to hang up until I heard Aaliysh's voice on the other end "Niall" she said softly, I was so confused as to why she answered when she is in the hospital room right infront if me. "Yes Aaliyah?" I said, "What are you doing" she said, "Ok um Louis accidently shot soeone that looked exactly like you and" Oh shit 'I thought', it was Natalie that Louis had sho. "Niall? you there?" she said softer as before,"yes babe i'm right here I was just saying that Natalie got shot pretty bad and is at hospital right now!" I said, "what the hell?, ill be there soon" she said and hung up.

I guess she is till angry at me.


A/N: Hey beauties this chapter is I know very short and stuff but I wanted to write this chapter especially for you I know I took like 10 years to write but I did it because I love you guys. Thank you very much for 298 views, 16 likes and on 18 favourites list. I couldn't make here without you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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