My 5SOS imagines

Just some 5SOS imagines I came up with :) Comment any ideas :) Thanx! Have a lovely day :D


2. Michael Imagine.

Michael Imagine.

I walked down the cold pavement. The icy wind, hitting my skin like bullets. As I walk down the dark sidewalk, I pull my jacket closer. Just as I was about to put on my beanie, it begins to rain. 'Great' I thought to myself as I placed the knit beanie on my head. 'How can this get any worse.' I walk down the path, thinking of what happened back at the house.

-flash back-

" really michael! Why did you cheat on me!?" I yelled as hot salty tears stream down my face. "I didn't mean to! I was drunk!" Michael yelled as he stepped closer to me. "Really? That's your excuse! Being drunk!" I yelled as he came closer. "Yeah! That's exactly what I'm saying!" He yelled right into my face. I was boiling with anger as he stared at me. I raised my hand up and slapped him. "Screw you Michael" I said as I walked past him to grab my coat. " where are you going!!?" Michael yelled as I opened the door. "Out" was all I said and I left.

- end of flash back-

I pull my hood up as it began to rain even harder. 'I should go back...' I decided to keep walking and not go back. Why should I?He doesn't even care about me. A few more tears ran down my cheek as I began to walk faster. "Y/N!" I heard a voice call from behind. Michael? I thought as I walked. No it can't be. "Y/N!!!!!" I heard again. The footsteps became louder and closer. Michael. I turned around and see Michael running towards me. "Y/N" he says as he steps in front of me. "Y/N, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I yelled and I'm so so so sorry I cheated." Michael said as a few tears fell from his face. "I knew it was wrong.... And I know I shouldn't have done it...." He said as more tears flowed down his cheek. "Y/N... I'm sorry. I'm sorry.... You deserve better than me." He said as he looked down to his shoes."Michael..." I said as I lifted his chin. "It's ok... Just promise me.... Promise me you won't ever cheat again. Ok?" I said as a few tears fell down my tear stained cheek. "I promise. I promise I will never cheat on you again Y/N." Michael said as he whipped away the remaining tears off of my cheeks. I smiled lightly as he cupped my face and came close. His light pink lips landed onto mine. I kissed him back as he brought me closer to him.

Not a good one but I'm trying :) leave suggestions in the comments :) thank you for reading! Have a lovely day:)

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