The Killer In My Dreams

When I was awake someone was watching me, when I was asleep someone was watching me, in my dreams someone wanted to get me.
My name is Adriana.


5. Little Lucky


Someone came in my room. I shut my eyes quickly and something was shot in my arm, it hurt. I fell asleep.

I woke up in a room that looked like the basement. I was tied up with rope on my hands and feet, I was sitting in a chair. I screamed for help, but no one came. A few hours later a boy with quiffed up hair and a black hood, black pants and red supras. I couldn't see his face that well because of the hood.

"Answer me!"

"Huh, sorry I wasn't listening" I said.

"I asked you how old are you"

"I'm 18" I said.


"Yeah Jason?"

Huh, his name was Jason.

"What should we do with her?" Jason said.

"I don't know, have her work for you"

"I don't wa-" I got cut off by Jason.

"Shut up!" Jason said.

I stayed quiet.

Alex left the room.

"Now, I have rules"

1. Only talk when someone asked you a question.

2. Your my girl and only mine

3. You can only use the bathroom 1 time a day.

4. You only get 2 meals a day.

5. You cannot call the cops or I WILL kill you.

6. You can't call ANYBODY!

7. No stuttering.

"O-ok" I said quietly.

"Speak up! I can't hear your tiny voice"

"Ok" I said a little louder.

"Can you untie me?" I asked politely.

"No, your just gonna run away"

"But I have to move around so I don't get sore" I said.


Jason untied me. He took me upstairs.

He pointed to a room, I went in there.

"This is where WE will sleep"

I sat on the bed. I laid down feeling tired. I fell asleep quickly.

Jason slapped me.

"Oww!" I said.

"It's no time for sleeping!" Jason whispered in my ear.

I heard the door slam.

"Put me down!" She said.

It sounds like Macy!

"Macy" I said.

"Aww, your little friend is here" Jason said while smirking.

"Hey Derek! Play with Macy" Jason said again.

"What are you trying to do" I said.

Jason got up closed the door and locked it.

He went over to the cabinet in his room and took out a gun!

Oh no.

"Jason, please don't do this!" I said.

"Oh sweet Adriana, I'm not gonna kill you. Yet"

He kissed me.

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