Zombie Apocalypse

Nina becomes friends with Niall and he sees her as his princess. But she doesn't know that he likes her even though he's dropped a million hints. The day he was gonna tell her that he loves her a Z.A begins. They fight for their survival and try to escape Wilstein High.
*they aren't famous*


3. First Date

"Hey, beautiful." Someone said behind my locker. I slowly shut it and saw Harry's smiling face. "Did you get my note?" He leaned against my locker. "Note? No I didn't get your note." Even though I did. I can't tell him that though. "Well. Will you go on a date with me? I really fancy you." I began walking but he started to follow. "If I say yes. Will you leave me alone?" I kept my back to him. "Maybe. Depends on how many dates." He winked. "One date." I stopped and put my hand on his chest. "Just one." I smiled. "No, I want five dates. And one month of hanging out. Or I won't leave you alone." He leaned in and kissed the corner of my lips. "Fine!" I gave in. "Yesss!!!" He jumped in the air and fist pumped a random dude. "But you have to stay at my house. Sleep over and everything. My house is your house now." He whispered into my ear. "Really?" I gasped. He nodded and walked away. Oh hell no. "Niall!" I yelled as I saw him down the hall. A smile formed on his face as he saw me. I quickly ran into his arms. "Harry is kidnapping me! What should I do??" I complained. "Wait. Slow down. What?" He asked confused. I told him about Harry and the note and him asking me out and than his rules. "I understand why you said yes. I'll watch out for you. I'll make sure that he doesn't pull anything nasty. You have never done the nasty. I think." He joked. "Always and forever?" I stuck out my pinky. "Always and infinity." He wrapped his pinky around mine.

"Rina!" I yelled out to my godmother. "Yes?" She ran up to me. "I'll be staying at Harry's house for a month. Don't worry I have a friend watching over me. He's really protective." I wrapped my arms around her and walked up my spiral stair case to my room. "Nina! Harry's here!" Rina called up to me. "Okay send him up... I guess!" I yelled back. After a few minutes I heard Harry's footsteps climb my stairs. "Are you done yet?" He grumbled. Could you be patient? I took my time packing everything. "Nice, underwear." He chuckled as he held up one of my best laced undies. "Oh give me a break!" I snatched them out of his hands and threw them into the bag. "Okay let's go." I heard him grumble a "finally" as I finished. "Bye Rina! If you need anything text me! Love you!" I yelled as I was walking out of the door. "Holy shit. Harry... You own this?!" I ran up to his deep blue four wheel truck. I moaned as I looked under the hood. "You like trucks?" He began laughing. "Pretty much." I shrugged. "That's so hot... It... Turns me on." He growled into my ear. Like, ew? "Woah! I'm still a innocent V here! Only 17, bro." I pushed him away. I gasped in awe as I climbed into the passenger seat. The seat had it's own butt warmer. "So where is our first date?" I asked as I buckled up. "Mini golf and maybe some pizza after." He said as he made a right turn. I nodded my head in approval. "Don't pull any hot golfing moves on me. 1. Ima kick your ass in golf. And 2. You pull a move and I'll shove a golf club up your throat. Yes honey up your throat." I snapped. "Yes ma'am." He turned up the radio and a Miley Cyrus song came on. He began singing along to it. "Will you please shut up?" I groaned. I have to be rude to him so he won't fall for me. But he's liking me more and more. Damn. We pulled up to a fancy mini golf field.

"Here." He handed me a pink golf ball and a pink club. I burst out laughing so hard I ended up on the floor. "What?!" He looked offended. I shook my head and wiped away tears. "If I win I get to pick the next date and if you win...." I began as I waited for him to finish the sentence. "If I win I get 10 minute make out session with you." He winked. I nodded, hell I HAVE to win.

The score equaled to me: 78 and Harry: 79. I won by a point. Yesss no making out! "By one motherfucking point. Hippie-ky-a." He rolled his eyes. "Oh shut up and eat your pizza." I replied as I dived into my buffalo chicken pizza. "Pig." He mummed. "Thank you." I licked my fingers, seducfully. He starred at me the whole time. Buzz buzz. His phone rang. "What?" He barked into the phone. "She's fine. Bye Niall." I quickly searched my pockets for my phone. "Don't bother. I took it out of your pocket in the car. It's in my back pocket." He shrugged. "Harry." I groaned with anger. "You don't just take my stuff without permission." I growled as I tried to get my phone back. But I gave up and sat in the car with my arms folded across my chest. WORST FIRST DATE EVER.

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