Zombie Apocalypse

Nina becomes friends with Niall and he sees her as his princess. But she doesn't know that he likes her even though he's dropped a million hints. The day he was gonna tell her that he loves her a Z.A begins. They fight for their survival and try to escape Wilstein High.
*they aren't famous*


12. Empty Subway

"So where do you guys wanna eat?" I asked as I pulled into an empty parking lot. "Anything that doesn't have hungry zombies in it." Niall perked up. I chuckled and pulled up to an empty Subway. "Quick and easy." I smiled with a little shrug. "Alright, Selena and I will take a quick check." I clocked my pistol with a smile. "Why me?!" She shouted. "Just come on." I grouched and pulled her out of the car. She clocked her gun behind me. I jumped over the sandwhich station. "Seems like no one is here. Call the boys in." I said without looking up. She speed dialed Justin to come inside. The boys high fives eachother as they came in. Niall hopped over the sandwhich station and stood next to me. "Hey, princess!" He kissed me on the cheek. I stood back shocked. "Oh sorry." He backed up to. I shook my head and began making sandwhiches.

After we were done making the others their food we made ours. "So what's with that kiss?" I smiled as I popped a buffalo chicken into my mouth. "Oh aha nothing." He ran shaky fingers through his messy hair. I rose an eyebrow at him. "Really nothing?" I bit into my sandwhich. "I... Yeah nothing." He looked down at his food. "Liar." I teasingly punched him in the shoulder. "Fine. I'm in love with you." He said and quickly shoved food into his mouth. Time froze around us. "What..?" I whispered. I took a sip of my drink. He glanced up at me and smiled with food in his mouth. He can't love me. I'm not anywhere near nice. Or even cool. Besides saving his ass a few times but other than that nothing. He did tell me that he was waiting for his princess. But if that means that I'm his princess than I have to feel the same for him or he's gonna be devastated. "That's... Great. Because I have some feelings for you to." I don't know of it's love... But it's feelings. He smiled at me. I quickly finished my food and decided to look in the nearest clothes store. And of course Selena wanted to come. "So why are you so dazed?" She asked as she held out skinny jeans. "Okay. 1. You're gonna need to wear sweats to be able to run and some sneakers. And 2. He just told me something." I said without looking up from the rack I was staring at. "Put this on." I threw her some black sweats. She stripped and put the sweats on. "Nice." She smiled/frowned. I changed as well and decided to grab some clothes for the boys. "Let's go." I nodded towards the door. "Wait, can I tell you something?" I stopped in my tracks. "Yeah, wassup?" I walked back towards her. "I'm.. Pregnant." She started to cry. "What?!" I shouted. "I'm scared. I don't want to bring this baby into this world!" She sobbed into my shoulder. I patted her back. "Breath. It'll be okay. I promise. We'll figure it out." I shushed her.

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