Zombie Apocalypse

Nina becomes friends with Niall and he sees her as his princess. But she doesn't know that he likes her even though he's dropped a million hints. The day he was gonna tell her that he loves her a Z.A begins. They fight for their survival and try to escape Wilstein High.
*they aren't famous*


7. Death of a Friend

Niall and I silently jumped out of the air vent and into the empty room. "Stay up there." I warned Harry and Liam. Liam would slow us down in our search for the boys. "So... How did you manage to not get eaten?" I tried to make conversation. "Well, what basically went down was:

Niall's POV:

"Okay class turn to page 441 and read to 451." Mr. Renels ordered as he plopped down into his chair. Great, ten pages of boring history to read. I was three pages in when someone knocked on the door, hard and fast. "Horan." He simply said. I sighed and quickly got up to open the door. Rebecca fell to the floor in front of me. Without thinking I helped her up. "Niall! No!" Liam yelled from within the halls. Rebecca began to shake rapidly. She screamed in pain as I ward her bones break. What the hell is happening? "Get away from her!" Liam yelled as he made his way over to me. Renels pulled me behind him and guarded his students. "Don't ever say I never did anything for you guys." He remarked. Just than Rebecca jumped up and bit Renel's neck. I freaked as warm sticky blood squirted all over me. "Niall!" Liam yelled as he was body slammed into a locker. He cut his lower admen on the open locker. Luckily it didn't get noticed by these..... These zombies. I ran out of the room and dragged Liam with me to an empty room. I laid his head in my lap and kept pressure on the wound. Ding! My phone went off as I got a text. It was from Nina saying : 'Niall who are you talking to?' I looked up as I heard my name. It was Nina in an air vent. I felt so happy to see her beautiful face again. I'm going to do my best to keep my princess alive... I believe I love this incredible women.

Nina's POV:

I stared at him in shock as I cut him off from the text part. I already knew what happens next. Well sorta because I was there. "Niall text one of the boys." He did as I asked. A few minutes later he got a text back from Zayn. But no response from Louis. Zayn told us that he was in the detention room. Which was apparently across the freaking school. We decided to travel by air vent and bring the other two boys with us. It took us about ten minutes to reach Zayn. A dead Louis laid in front of him. "What happened?" Harry asked, choking back tears. "He got bit... He told me that when he turned that he wanted me to kill him myself..." Zayn bursted out Into tears. We lost two great friends, tons of loved ones, and a lot of people who we barely knew. Our lives are quickly falling apart.

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