Zombie Apocalypse

Nina becomes friends with Niall and he sees her as his princess. But she doesn't know that he likes her even though he's dropped a million hints. The day he was gonna tell her that he loves her a Z.A begins. They fight for their survival and try to escape Wilstein High.
*they aren't famous*


8. Alone

We made it to the car safetly. Niall sat in the passenger seat as I drove. "Okay... We need to figure out if there's a safe house or some type of weird government shit...." I let the tears fall. "Nina, it's going to be okay." Niall put his hand on my shoulder pulling me closer. I put the car in park and cried into Niall's shoulder. No... "No! It's not going to be okay! Don't you see?! The dead are coming to eat us. There's no way to escape....besides giving up...." I slowly sat up straight. Niall looked at me confused as I grabbed a gun. "What the bloody hell is she doing?!" Zayn yelled as I placed the barrel at my head. "Nina! No!" Liam grunted as he pulled the gun out of my hands. His beautiful eyes looked worried. "Let's find some shelter." I swallowed hard. I started the car up again and we drove like old people for about twenty minutes. "Hey, Q-Kmart looks good." Niall pointed out. "I'll check it out. You guys stay here." I replied as I grabbed a gun. "I'm coming with." Liam announced as he grabbed himself a gun. Okie-dokie. There's no use on arguing with him. I kicked open the front door as Liam ran in pointing his gun like a wild man. "Ya'know... Liam." I started as I shot a zombie. "Yeah?" He grunted as he pushed the dead body outside. "I really like you." Hey it's better to get it out now than get it out... Never. He paused and looked up at me with a smile. "Really? I fancy you to." He chuckled with his British accent. I smiled up at him. "I think it's clear-" Liam began. He started to scream and I whipped around pointing my gun at him. "LIAM!" I screamed as a whole group of zombies dragged him to the floor. I kept firing my gun but they kept multiplying. He called me for help. But I can't help him unless I want to die. He's been bit already. I let a tear fall from my sad eyes. I need to leave before they decide to have desert. I jumped over Liam's dead body and ran into the car. "What happened?! We heared you scream?!", "Why are you bloody?!" , "Where's Liam?!" The boys yelled questions at me as I sat there crying. It took me a good five minutes to control myself; "He's.... Dead....." I held back a sob as Zayn choked out a cry. "He called my name.... He needed me.... But I couldn't save him.... I COULDN'T SAVE HIM!" I yelled hitting the steering wheel. "Nina it's not your fault. He was infected anyways." Niall put his hand on mine. "What?!" I looked at him with angry eyes. "What the hell did you just say?!" I slowly sat up. "He got bit on the way to the car... We didn't tell you because we knew that you would kill him..." Harry started off. "He went inside with you because he already knew that he was a dead man." Zayn wiped away a tear. They didn't tell me! How am I suppose to trust them?! "Get out." I whispered. I can't believe I'm doing this... But they didn't tell me what is most important. "You can't do this." Niall argued. "And why not? How the hell am I suppose to trust you assholes?!" I shouted. "We are the only humans alive right now that we know of." Niall assured me. "I survive alone from now on. There's a perfectly good car right there. Take it and go. Niall you have my number. If you're alone contact me." They knew that arguing with me would be useless so they did as they were told. I watched them as they had struggle getting into the car. Zayn was almost eaten before my eyes. He escaped without a bite or scratch. I looked away with disgust. My heart broke but I ignored it and drove to the next city.

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