Remember Me

Cover drawing- Jessica Nenow (Pinterest)
Arreana Kainsteen, a seventeen year old werewolf, just moved to Okanogan County. She meets someone who will change the way she looks at the world, as she is sucked into something that she can't get out of. The further she digs into it, the harder it is to get out, and the more she is being turned....


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Devon's POV

     Where is she... I trekked through the forest trying to find her. I looked up at the sun, rising over the mountains. I went up to the cave to see if she had gone there, but I couldn't  find her. I walked around the forests for about three hours. Where the hell is she... I listened carefully. Looking around. I noticed a small indent in the ground. I walked over to it. A human foot. I followed the trail for about half an hour before the ran right into a tree. They just ended. There were wolves tracks around the tree and lead off in a different direction. The human foot prints are gone. I cant see them anymore. "Oh god." I muttered to myself quietly. I looked around the tree to see clothes folded, and set nicely on the ground." What the hell?" I question aloud. I looked around and followed the trail closely watching where I was stepping. I got to a little growth overhang, to see a wolf sitting under it. The wolf had golden brown fur, and bright blue eyes. It walked around in circles watching carefully around the overhang. I hid behind a tree, and watched it for a little while.

     About an hour has gone by and I have seen nothing out of the usual so I go to leave. All of a sudden a pack of wolves appear in front of me. They snarl and growl circling around me. One lunges at my head, and I put my arm in the way. His teeth bite down on it, ripping the skin open. I screamed in agony. Dark black vines appear and wrap around the wolves throat. They tangle all of the other's feet. I watch as the tendrils wrap around them, and start to climb up their bodies. Suddenly one of the wolves break free and lunges at me. The wolf with golden fur that I saw earlier leaps at the other wolf, tackling him before he had gotten to me. I fall to the ground and watch as the two go at it, biting each other, going for their throats. She goes for his throat, and leaves him bleeding from the mouth. Her snout and paws were covered with blood. Turning to the other wolves she snarled, and started snapping at them. They all ran in the other direction. She walked over to me and stood over me, watching me carefully. She made eye contact, glaring at me. She turned and ran out of the woods, away from me. I sat there in silence watching. Stunned. 

Arreana's POV

     What was that? Was that dark magic? Does he, is he..? I ran over to the tree where I had my clothes. I changed back into my human form, and changed into my clothes. I put my hair back into a high tail. I walked back towards my house and wanted to just sleep.

     I walked into my house and threw my bag onto the couch, and went into the kitchen to grab some food," Where the hell have you been?" My dad walks into the kitchen wearing just a flannel and some pajama pants. "Why didn't you come home last night? Were you out with that weird boy? What have you been doing with him?"

   "Jesus dad, calm down. He's just a friend and no we didn't do anything. I just went for a walk last night that's all." I grabbed some Cheese Its out of the cabinet and started to walk up to my room. "And it's not like we are dating."

   "I don't want you to hang around him, he isn't a good influence for a young werewolf like you!" I spun around and yelled at him.

   "Since when do you care about who I hang around, and who I'm with? You never paid any attention to me after mum died! You were never there on my birthdays. Never went to any school events. I wish you would just leave me alone and get out of my life!" 

   "You're just seventeen Arreana! I don't need you hanging around a damn magic boy! They hurt people!" He started to follow me up the stairs. I walked into my bedroom and slammed the door in his face.

   "You can't tell me what to do!" I went and laid in my bed, putting a pillow over my head, blocking out all of the noises in the background. I kept the pillow over my head until he went away. I got up and hooked my iPod up to my speaks and started to blast the music, keeping it as loud as I can. I went over to my closet and changed into a long tee-shirt and some shorts, and crawled into my bed, and passed out. 

     I woke up three hours later. The lights were off and it was starting to get dark. I looked over to see Devon sitting in a chair over by my desk, looking at his phone." What the hell are you doing here? You can't just come in here and watch me sleep." The music was still up, but the song was a lot softer. He didn't say anything, and I realized that he was passed out in my chair, just holding his phone in his hand. I walked over to him, and poked his shoulder trying to wake him up. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at me." What are you doing in my room?"

   "I'm sorry I had to come and make sure that you are okay." He looked at me with a bit of concern.

   "I don't need your help.You're not my boyfriend." I looked down at the ground, avoiding making eye contact with me. He stood up and looked at me, hurt.

   "I was trying to help, Arreana." He placed a hand on my hip and lifted up my chin with his index finger. "I'm sorry." I quickly took a step back away from him.

   "I think you should go." My heart feels broken. My hands are trembling, and I shake violently. I feel sick all of a sudden.

   "Arreana... please just listen to me." He reaches for my hand and I cross my arms over my chest. I look up at him and I can see the pain in his eyes.

   "Just go. Please." He sighs and hangs his head. He walks over to the window and sits on the ledge, getting down carefully onto the other window below it and steps down onto the ground. He looks back up at my window, hesitant to leave. He disappears into the forest and I go lie back in bed, and start to cry. Why? Why am I crying. Why did I get mad at him. I question myself for a while before I pass out, to Falling In Reverse playing on my stereos. 

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