Remember Me

Cover drawing- Jessica Nenow (Pinterest)
Arreana Kainsteen, a seventeen year old werewolf, just moved to Okanogan County. She meets someone who will change the way she looks at the world, as she is sucked into something that she can't get out of. The further she digs into it, the harder it is to get out, and the more she is being turned....


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One

 Arreana's POV

     Six in the morning an my alarm goes off. Sitting up, I get off of my warm queen sized bed, and step on to the cold wooden floors, and walk towards my closet across the room. I take an hanger off of my rack, that I had already previously chosen to wear to my "first day of school." The outfit consists of a black lace, long sleeved shirt, with a navy blue tank top under it. I slipped black leather jacket on over it. My dark blue jeans complemented my dark blue and black Osiris's . I straighten my long dirty blonde hair, and didn't put on much make-up beside mascara and a bit of eyeliner. I skip breakfast and grab my brown leather bag, slipping it around my shoulder and schedule that is on the counter downstairs, and head to school.

     I arrive at about seven, twenty. The first class I have is Physics, in room 103. I run to my locker really quick, to grab a notebook and some pencils. I get the eerie feeling that someone is watching me from behind. The hairs on the back of my neck start to stand up, and a low growl starts to form in the back of my throat. I glance over my shoulder to see someone in standing there in a black jacket, with matching jeans and a tee. His hair is somewhat long, and hovers just slightly above his eyes. He grimaces, when he makes eye contact with me and then turns and walks away. I'm a little curious to why he had just been standing there watching me...How long was he there? I hear the bell ring and I head to class.

     "Can anyone tell me what Physics is all about?" She looks around the room, her eyes darting back and forth.When no one answered she reply'd to herself," It is the study of energy and matter, and the interaction of between the two. Now why you might ask we need these these things in life I..." Her voice continues in the back of my mind, blabbing on about endless things, to an endless solution. Jotting random things down as she says them. She walks back and forth in front of the bored, nervous... But of what. She eyes keep on darting towards someone in the back corner, but I don't turn around to see who it is. Class continues on with the same boring ways, that all science classes do for me. We can do work now, and I sit there doodling on my paper instead of my homework. The teacher walks up to me," Miss Kainsteen. Are you going to do your homework."

   "No ma'am."

   "Well why not?"

   " It is homework. Not classwork. I will do it a home." Everyone in the class slowly glanced  in my general direction. The teacher looked at everyone, then cast her gaze back to me. Cold, and unforgiving. It changed the room's aura.

   "Arreana, can I see you after class please." She handed my a little yellow slip of paper that she pulled out of her jacket. She returned to her desk. Everyone' s gaze flickered back to their papers, when I glanced over my shoulder. Humans...

     Lunch... Joy. I get my burger and milkshake and head outside and sit at the edge of the woods, where the school is still visible to me.  I laid down in the grass and dozed off a bit.

   " Hey." The voice came from above me.  " What are you doing here?" He didn't sound happy for my presence. I opened my eyes and looked up to see the guy that I had saw at my locker earlier today. He was about six foot three. He had long strait black hair, bright blue eyes. He hovered over my, looking down upon me.

   "Uh. I just came up here to eat. I didn't know anyone else ate over here." His gaze kept mine. Unable to look away. Something about him reminded him of myself. He sits down next to me in the slightly damp grass. An apple appears in his hand from his pocket. I sit my self up on my elbows, and watch him cautiously.

   "People don't usually wander near the woods up here. You shouldn't be here." He keeps his gaze forward at the school now.

   "I like the woods. Always have."

   "People don't go near the woods." He turns his head and looks directly at me. His eyes turn black, and he starts to seem transparent. The sky disappears and is replaced with darkness. Flames replace the forest.

   "What is happening!" I screamed. The flames crawled along the ground creeping closer and closer to me. I quickly got up and started stumbling backwards away from them. He stood up and glared at me. Black flames appeared into his hands, and started throwing it at me. I dodge a few that come at me. Shifting into my wolf form, I turn into a small wolf with light golden brown fur, that is thick and straight, my eyes gleam a bright blue. One of the flames hit the ground near one of my paws. I turn and run in the other direction.

   "Don't go near the woods!" He yelled after me. I kept running. The flames were licking the tip of my tail as I ran. Balls of fire shot down from the sky, dodging them as I ran faster towards the school. Suddenly the ground from under me disappears, and I fall. Endlessly into the darkness below me. I suddenly hit the ground and a pain runs through my entire body...

     I wake up to an alarm going off. My phone rings until I hit the button and shut it up. I look around, there is no one in sight. It was just a dream. Just a bad dream. I have a pain in the back of my head, and stomach where I had hit the ground in the nightmare. I shoved the garbage into a small plastic bag, and put it into my brown leather back. I walked back towards the school to finish up the day...

(I hope you guys like it so far!   -Amanda)

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