One Life

The names Scarlett. And I may not be the biggest Justin Bieber fan but after going to a concert with my best friend, Carly, I guess you could say I became his number one fan.



"This is gong to be so much fun!!!" my friend Carly squealed. "Remind me again...Why did I let you drag me to this?" I asked. "Because you love him just as much as I do." she replied like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And who told you that lie?" I asked. "I just know it I can see it in your eyes." she said. "Whatever your stupid." "Hey cheer up, Scarlett. We'll get to see him with his shirt off. I heard he looks even better in person than in pictures." she said smiling like a crazy person. "I don't want to see anyone with their shirt off." I said making an eww face. "But you watch wrestling like all the time and thats even weirder because some of them just come out in their underwear." she said. "They don't wear underwear. Their tights you dumbass." I said slapping her head. "Well they look like underwear to me." I just laughed and shook my head. Finally ten minutes later we made it to the stupid arena. "Yay!We Are Finally Here!" Carly screamed. "Hey I'm right here. You are going to leave me deaf one of these days." I said covering my ears with both my hands. "If you don't like noise you totally came to the wrong place." she said hugging my arm. "You totally draged me here against my will." I said looking at her incredulously. I have to admit that the concert was horrible. In fact I was thinking about going on itunes and buying a couple of songs as soon as I got home. But first we had to go bacckstage to take a picture with Justin Bieber. "Omg! Can you believe we get to take a picture with him. Ahhh!" Carly yelled excitedly causing some people to turn and look at us. "Keep your voice down Carls people are going to think your crazy." I whisper/yelled. "Scar I love you but I would perfer to take a picture with him by myself." Caly said looking over at me. "What you expect me to go and take a picture with him by myself? And don't call me Scar you know I hate that." I said mock glaring at her. "You know you love secretly love it when I call you like that. And whats wrong with taking a picture with him by yourself." She said moving up with the line of other girls dressed with Justin Bieber shirts. I felt totally out of place I was just wearing normal clothes. "i don't know I just don't want to." I said. "Hey stop being a baby. Besides it isn't like he's going to try and rape you. Although it wouldn't be called rape if you like it." she said winking. "I'm not saying he's going to try to rape me. And by the way it would be called rape because I wouldn't like it." "Whatever It's my turn." She said clapping. "Wait don't-" too late she was gone. meanwhile I was standing here freaking out over the fact that it was about to be my turn to go in. "Next." the guy standing by the curtain said. Well i guess here goes nothing.


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