Isn't She Lovely

Jocelyn and her best friend Jada went to a concert. Hardly expecting that she would fall hard, really hard, for someone she never thought she could have. Niall Horan. Will she survive the consequences of this difficult love?


8. The Price Of Love

Niall's POV

       I awoke in my bed my hand bandaged and the smell of bacon wafting through the house. I had to figure out who was here. I slowly get up and walk down the hallway, I start down the stairs and Jocelyn appears at the bottom.

     "Back to bed,"she says pointing up the stairs.

I slowly walk back to bed sulking, about two minutes later Jocelyn walks in with a tray of food. Bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy, even pancakes. I stuff my face enjoying every bit of it, then a thought struck me.

      "I thought you didn't want to talk to me anymore,"I asked becoming a little depressed.

   "Well I didn't but Jada and Perry talked me out of my decision. She rested her hand on mine and I saw she was wearing her ring. I smiled at her and kissed her as best I could while not moving much. She laughed and kissed me again, a lot easier since she leaned over me this time. I smiled and she laughed even harder. 

      "I love you,"she said.

    "I love you too beautiful,"I reply.

       She took my tray and carried it downstairs and bought up a stack of movies.

   "I figured we could have a movie day,"she said as she slid a movie into the player. Then she came and cuddled up against me putting her head in the crook of my neck and we wrapped our legs together. We watched movies all day and ended up falling asleep around 7. I can't wait for what she has planned tomorrow.

*Next Day*

Jocelyn's POV

     I woke up around 6 and decided I would just start breakfast after I got ready. I carefully pried myself from Niall and luckily he stayed asleep. I showered and got ready for the day just throwing my hair up in a ponytail and threw on spandex with a baggy t-shirt. 

*ten minutes later*

     I put everything on the table and was getting his tray ready when I heard a knock on the door. I walked up to the front door and looked through the peephole and didn't see anyone. I went to walk back to the kitchen when they knocked on the door again.

   I went and threw the door open,"Ding dong ditch isn't funny at..." I froze and looked up to see Harry standing there.

 "Hey love,"he said with a smirk. I started to scream but he pushed a rag to my face and everything went black.

Niall's POV

       I woke up to the smell of food again. I smiled and decided to go sit with her downstairs. When I went by the window I saw a green Hummer peel away out front. I walked into the kitchen to find it empty. I called out her name but there was no answer. I looked for a note but there wasn't one.

"That doesn't make sense she always leaves a note,"I said to myself out loud. I go upstairs and call her cell only for it to go straight to voice-mail. At this point I was practically balling my  eyes out and called 911. Ten minutes later the cops showed up and were asking me retarded questions. I don't know how any of this pertained to finding her.

         "Did you happen to see any cars,"one of the nice lady cops asked. I think her name was Daphne.

        "Ya it was a green Hummer,'"I replied. It took me a moment to realize what that meant.

"Harry,"I whispered quietly.

    "Excuse me,"she asked.

     "Harry! My old band mate! He drove a green Hummer and has been trying to get her to leave me for months!"

         "Okay calm down sir, you have helped tremendously we will do everything we can to get her back." After all the cops were gone I called all of our friends over. Once they were all here I told them the news. We all cried as we thought about what he could do to her.

   Jocelyn's POV

          I woke up to pitch black I laid there trying to remember what had happened, but all I could remember was making Niall breakfast. I became extremely frustrated and gave myself a head ache from trying so hard to remember. I know I wasn't at home because it was bright outside when I had made breakfast, and our basement had windows. Suddenly a door opened and light flooded in. I squinted trying to see who it was but then it was dark again. I small light flickered on above me making me blink a lot from the shock of the light. I tried to see my holder but he was in the shadows. 

    "I finally won...I got my prize,"the man said.

  "Harry,"I said deadpan trying not to show my fear.

    " talking only kissing,"he said laying on top of me.

"I won't," I said kicking and puching trying to get him off. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my cheek and heard a slapping sound. He actually smacked me.

     "You do what I say or bad things will happen!"

  I now feared for my life and told myself that Niall was looking for me and that I would be saved before anything bad would happen to me.

     "Oh love... stop crying,"he said wiping my tears,"I'll come back later once your done." I cried for at least an hour...That night..or whatever time it was. I cried myself to sleep,but not before I heard a crash upstairs.

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