Isn't She Lovely

Jocelyn and her best friend Jada went to a concert. Hardly expecting that she would fall hard, really hard, for someone she never thought she could have. Niall Horan. Will she survive the consequences of this difficult love?


7. It's Coming True

Jocelyn's POV

       Weeks went by uneventfully, Niall and I just stayed home enjoying time together. After about three week prior the incident we decided to get out and go to the mall. He took me everywhere buying me anything I looked at. Towards the middle of our shopping trip I went to Victoria's Secret while he got lunch I actually ran into Jada, Elenor(sorry I don't know how to spell it),and Perry. We talked for a while and they were all very happy I was doing better. They said Harry had flown back to his family and nobody has talked to him since. I breathed a sigh of relief that he was gone...for now. The girls and I finished our shopping and I said good-bye as I walked back to the food court while Niall was waiting. I walked in and waved at Niall sitting at our table with our food. Suddenly I saw a very familiar looking head of hair behind him. I froze in it couldn't be him the girls said he was with his family. Although...nobody has talked to

him since the incident so is it possible he never really left. Niall finally realizes I'm just standing there and runs up to me.

       "Baby what's wrong,"he asked becoming more concerned.

   "I could of sworn I just saw...Harry,"I said my eyes starting to tear up.

       "Shhh... it's okay he is not here lets go eat." 

       We walk back to our table and enjoy our food, soon I was enjoying talking to him so much I completely forgot what I had been upset about. When we were finished eating we ended up running into all our friends we decided to go get Dippin' Dots. We walked to the other side of the mall we let everyone else order first. Once Niall and I got our orders we went and sat with the rest of our friends. I took a decent sized bite of my ice cream, went I went to swallow I stopped because I felt something hard. I pulled something that looked kind of like a ring out but Niall snatched it away.

     "Was that a ring,"I asked.

       "Nope,"Niall said with a smile.

     "Liar,"I say smiling at him. 

      "Alright you caught me. Jocelyn when I first met you I instantly liked you. I new I had to have you. These past five months have been the best months of my life. I don't expect you to say yes but I do have to ask. Jocelyn, would you make me the happiest man in the world, and...marry me?" I burst into tears and nod my head yes. He slips a beautiful diamond ring on my finger. It's a simple band with a large diamond and small purple diamonds on the sides of it. I cry even harder as he pulls me into a hug. We hug each other and sway back and forth while everyone is saying their oohs and aahs and taking pictures. He looks at me as I dry my tears and kisses me, it was the most passionate kiss I've ever had from him and I can't help but smile into the kiss. At one point I see a guy that looks like paparazzi yelling at us.

     "Abomination! This is ridiculous you've only been dating for five months!"

Niall storms up to him and throws of the hood he is wearing. My friends create a barrier in front of me as Harry is revealed from under the hood. Niall freaks out and throws him to the ground,"You have a problem Harry?" Niall looms over Harry lying on the ground as Harry laughs and says,"No just a point to prove." 

     "What then,"Niall asks.

    "Have you ever though that maybe...just maybe Jocelyn would prefer me over you. I mean it's not like she fought back while I kissed her." 

      "You think you can just stroll in and change her mind, change my mind? Not gonna happen man and you need to realize that you need to stay away."

Harry stands up and gets in Niall's face,"And what are you gonna do? Punch me? Go ahead nothing will stop me from getting to her."

At that moment Niall throws a punch at him and connects with his jaw. They both cry out in pain because as Harry falls he kicks Niall in the shin. We all know the sound we heard as Niall's fist connected with his face. He definitely did something to his hand. Apparently Harry landed on his leg wrong because we heard another crack of bone as he hit the ground. I storm through all my friends and run to Niall and Harry, I pull the ring off my finger and throw it at Niall.

   "I never want to talk to you again,"I yell as best I could while crying. I run off with Jada and Perry close behind. 

Niall's POV

       Oh my gosh my hand hurts so bad! But nothing compares to the pain in my heart...I promised Jocelyn I would control my temper and I lost it. Now I might of lost her forever...I will kill Harry, he is the only reason anything has gone wrong! I look over at Harry to find him laughing.

    "What are you laughing at,"I asked angry

    "I win," Harry said as security showed up.

Then everything went black.

(K guys if you haven't already realized Zayn and Louis are still with their original girls, if anyone can tell me the correct spelling of Louis girlfriends name I would greatly appreciate it. Also...if I get enough people answering I might put you and a famous boyfriend of your choice into the story! guarantees.)


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