Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


7. kidnapped

As we went to walk to our car I car stopped and toke me I kicked and yelled but there's a person I didn't ever know I was going to see that person

It was my sister Ariana and they took us to the woods where there was a small house the guy carried mr like I was weightless but I remember this persons arms before wait a minute is this who I think it is

He out me down gently and took off his mask it was justin I knew it

Ariana gasped

But there was one thing that justin never knew I now the way here I remember when I was little my teacher talked about this place

Ariana:why do you have us here I thought I broke up with you. Ashley:yea I did too. Justin:you both did but I never said I was ok with it

Ariana: I will never love you idiot

Justin:hey shut it pretty girl

I gasped

You both r sleeping right here ok he said

When he left. something was vibrating my phone on my pocket I picked it up and it was harry he said if I was ok I texted him the addresses and he said he'll come with the police

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