Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


3. kidnapped

I heard a door open slowly upstairs I ran upstairs and there was car running away I wondered why but then I remember I left the front backyard door open oops I ran for her but there was a wall I jumped over it so did cat then I heard a car door open and they grabbed cat. CAT I YELLED. I had tears oh Ariana is going to kill me but wait she's my cat but they took her I went to chase that car I remember I was the greatest runner I catched up I could hear cats screams but then I tripped over a trunk and I fell but good thing cat was smart because on the window she slipped a flyer and I grabbed it and then I saw where the person was going tonight at 7:00p.m karaoke sings was the name so for now I ran home and I guess She left so I went to my room to get ready I curled my hair i put a american flag heart shaped crop top and some black wid waist shorts and some sunglasses and Some red and black Jordan's and I put a lakers hat (sorry if I hate sports or the lakers) I went to my car since now it was 6:45 and it was 10 minutes away


I went to go to a parking lot and drives my car there and I opened the door to karaoke songs and I saw a girl getting ready to sing but then I remember it was her I went outside good thing she didn't recognize me

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