Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


6. I didn't know

I let go of Harry and he got sad I think he likes me well anyway I went to Justin it's over I can't belive you I said.

Ashley:Harry can you come with me. Harry:of course where. Ashley:let's go home I'll tell you there Harry:ok

As we got on the car we drived home

At home

I opened the car door and got my keys for home and unlocked my door and then harry closed it

I went to the kitchen and got my hair dye products since I was so good at it and I got my blonde and brown one and I got to work

Done dyeing hair

As I was done I went to look for harry he was in my room of course I opened the door quitley and saw him smelling my room also touching my pictures aw he's so cute

Hey harry I said. Oh oh he said I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me he said

Ashley:as in like a date Harry:yea Ashley:Harry yea of course Harry:really? Thank you so much He said as he hugged me

As we went down stairs he got his car keys and I put all what I needed in my purse

At the movies

We walked to the ticket person

Harry:2 tickets for (insert movie here)

Ticket person:here you go

Then we walked to get our snacks and sat in our seats good thing the movie was already starting cause I hate waiting sometimes I get scared

(It's been 1 hour 40 more minutes)

I felt like a person was starring at me omg it was justin my ex

(Whispering in there ears)

Ashley:hey harry guess what justin is here staring at me can we leave early Harry:sure Ashley:aw harry I love you I said as I hugged him

Harry's pov

She said she loves me but does she mean it

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