Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


4. good or bad

I went and since her door was unlocked I opened the door quitley and grabbed cat and walked fast and I knew cat was hungry I got into my car and put cat in the passenger seat and gave her her food and water and started driving away to go home

At home

I rushed out of my car grabbed cat and and her water and food bowl and my purse and got my keys and unlocked my door and locked the door and rushed up stairs it was hard since I was carrying everything at once opened my 1st room door and put cat in there and her bowl and jumped on my bed and grabbed my purse and got my phone out

And checked Instagram and I got 3,400 more followers that's cool but then I went to go charge my iphone5s or c sorry then I got the tv remote and watched some tv so I put every which way I love hat show I didn't care if I was childish I was like liam

I wasn't perfect I wasn't pretty even though I heard the opposite everyday except of all of my haters I was bored so I checked if cat was ok

She was taking a nap so I locked and closed everything I grabbed my car keys and walked to my car and drove to the mall

At the mall

As I arrived the first stop was to the petsmart and I grabbed a new collar for cat and some food and a knew bag of litter box for cat and went to go pay all together was £50.00 and then I grabbed my bags and went to he next store

I went to forever 21 and grabbed 2 crop tops and 2 shorts and 1 pair of skinny jeans and last 2 one red and one black and red jeggings then I went to pay and everything was £105.95 then I went to Macy's

I went to get the one moment perfume by one direction and that was £49.95 and left went to hollister and bought some tank tops and sweats and then I payed for everything and left the store and went to in-n-out and got a number 2 with nothing just cheese and spread and ketchup and the meat then I left to go home

I then went with all my shopping bags i opened the door and there was Ariana texting on her phone and giggling a lot probally it was Austin mahone

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