Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


8. good news and bad news

As I got a new text message from Harry

Harry:we will be right there don't worry they said to hide somewhere and tell me with ur sister

Priscilla:yea ok I remember coming here once there is a secret passage in a tree

Harry:oh ok stay safe good luck

Priscilla:ok I'll tell you if anything happens ok bye

I woke up Ariana and opened the window and closed the window and ran to the tree and closed the passage but I went in where It was dark

Ariana got scared but since I was there I hugged her and kept whispering to her that everything will be ok but the thing is I don't know if that's true

But I guess maybe it will be ok cause I heard sirens getting closer and closer

Then I heard that they took justin away they didn't take Victoria away since she kinda helped us

But then it was clear since I heard Harry's voice and him helping is out

Ariana kept blushing and smiling so did harry I got this feeling and was mad it was jealously I had so much hate on her right now

Then they been hugging for a long time then Niall came and hugged me what suprised me was that when we let go harry and Ariana were kissing and enjoying it by then out if no where Niall kissed me and took me bridal style to his car I kissed him back cause I was but then they stopped kissing and there moth dropped and looked at us then we stopped we were blushing

Then Ariana holded his hand

As we got home Ariana took harry with her alone on her room and me and Niall heard screams and moans

Priscilla:there making a huge mistake.

Niall:you can get that again

Priscilla:let's just hope she dosent get present that will just be terrible

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