Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


14. club

I just looked at Niall in the eyes worried because Harry's shirt was off and Ariana was just wearing her bra

Niall covered his eyes and he covers mine

Then I saw that Niall grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor we the. Went to the bar since I found one of my friends that hates drinking she only comes when she's sad she said she will drive so me and Niall got drunk

Next thing I knew was seeing harry in a Blury vision and Niall Caring me to the dance floor and us dirty dancing I excused myself to go to the bathroom

When I went in I got in inside the stalls and did my business

I then went to wash my hands with soap and when I was done I grabbed a paper napkin

When I got out me and Niall and my friend left

~at home~

All the way to the living room my best friend

Victoria justice kept looking at Niall and licking her lips

Then for some reason Justin bieber was also in the car

Then Victoria and Justin went to my guest room

All I heard was moans and screams

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