The Flowers In Her Hair

Brianna Mitchell and her brother, Stone, were adopted one day and ever since they escaped the adoption center they were the happiest they could be. But When Brianna turned 15, she was struck with Leukemia.


1. One

       I've seen millions of people walk through the same doors for the past fourteen years. Carrying out my old friends, and my new ones. I'm just glad nobody has taken Stone away from me. I'm not leaving without him and I never will.

       My friend, Diana, was adopted two years ago. She was taken away from her sister, Rose, who is still here.  We Skype Diana, but Rose still has separation anxiety and it worries Diana to the point where she almost wants to leave to come back here to be with Rose. But I think she should just come back and adopt Rose. It would upset her adoption parents if she left.

       When we are not being showed to I usually play Twister with Stone and Rose or I listen to Pandora. I still remember the day when Stone's "favorite" song came on. WMYB (What Makes You Beautiful, bitches) by One Direction. He was literally having a temper tantrum. Rose and I had to change it to a new channel.



                     :)  HEY!!!! Its Niall's Pizza here with a new movella. Hope you like!   (:

                                                   (SORRY IT"S SO SHORTTTTTTTTTTTT)

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