"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


6. Chapter 5: Homework Help

ClairYs POV


Woke up late around 9:30 PM Niall wasn beside me, but out in the kitchen. I walked out and saw him and a curly haired boy talkin. "Hey" I managed to say. My throat hurt. Niall walked over to me. "How are you feeling?" "Okay. My throat really hurts. Kind of hungry" I went over to the fridge and saw bottles of red stuff. "Is this grape juice?" They looked at eachother "no, cranberry" "ew I hat cranberry juice" I closed the fridge and looked in the pantry. They had chocolate, cereal, and milk. I pulled out cereal and grabbed the milk from the fridge and made myself a bowl. "You ready for homework?" I asked Niall. "Yeah" I finished eating my bowl and walked over to the living room and pulled out my homework. I had it done, I got It done in class but Niall Didn't. "Thanks for today" I said while he was pulling his homework out. "N problem. I liked today" I blushed a little bit and he got his homework out. "Turn to page 214" he turned to page 214 and we started to talk about it when he was writing down answers. When we were finished with Math, we went to Socisl studies then Science. It was about 11:15 when we got finished. "You ready to head home?" "No" "you have to" "ugh fine" I put my stuff into my bad and then said "catch me if you can." He came running after me. I ran all the way around the house and then I ran into traffic. Then I saw 2 bright lights and heard a horn. "CLAIRY" Niall screamed and I felt like I was hit by it. I got up and saw myself in Nialls arms, in grass. "Are you okay?" He asked checking me. "Yeah. Am I dead...?" There was a silence. "No, I saved you" I smiled and said "thanks." "We should head home now. It was getting cold out and I didn't have my jacket on anymore. Niall had his on. "You cold?" "Yeah" "come here" I walked over to him and he put his jacket on me kissing my cheek. "Thanks Niall" we walked on sidewalks and through streets, our hands entwined. We saw a couple people like us, holding hands but they wernt the same. When we got home, I grabbed my stuff and got into his car. We left for my house. "Where do you live?" "1218 E Burt St" (IF THS ID YOUR ASDRESS IM SORREEEE) he took me home and I went to open the door, locked. I knocked on it, my mom answering. "Come in" we walked in together, hand in hand. "Mom, I'm sorry I'm-" "late?! What were you doing?" She looked at our hands. "Did it involve him and a bed" "yes" "YOUR GROUNDED!" "Mom! We just cuddled!!!" Then Niall bud in. "Ma'am. She got tired and we slept together, clothes on" "we haven't even kissed yet mom" "oh. Well it still doesn't explain why your home late" I looked at Niall and could tell he wanted to tell her the real story. "I went to Nialls and fell asleep, then woke up around 9 and did homework" she nodded and said "thank you Mr.." "Horan, Niall Horan" "Wayne, Mrs Wayne" they shook hands. I went to my room and Niall followed. E entered and I closed the door behind me. "Now what?" "Can you just stay the night?" "I can't" "please Niall" I did a puppy face and he finally gave in. I went to my bed and he layed behind me. We cuddled until the clock rang 5:45AM

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