"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


4. Chapter 3: Embarrassment

Nialls POV


i could smell her perfume, it smelled amazing. I could sme her hair, it smelled like strAwberries.  We found a table in the corner. "What was everyone staring at me for" "they just expected me to be with someone else. But I don't like them like I like you" she smiled. We got up to get our lunch. I could eat regular food, it didn't bother me. Especially if it was Nandos or Pizza. Today was a pizza day. We walked in and they put food on our plates. Clairy was in front of me. The clerk said "sorry honey, your short. You have to take a sub" "but I'm allergic to that stuff" "not our fault you don't have money" she grabbed a different tray and then stomped out to our table. I looked around the corner and she gave her lunch to someone else who clearly needed it more than her. I paid for my lunch and walked out to sit beside Clairy. "Here" I said pushing my tray towards her. "No it's fine" I pushed it closer to her. "Niall, I'm alright. I don't need it anyways" she put her Adidas jacket on and put the hood up. I started to eat my pizza and then I offered he my milk "you want it, you know you do" she laughed and snatched it from my hand and chugged it down. "Thanks niall!" She said before throwing it away. I put my tray up and then followed Clairy to her locker. "What are we doing?" "I forgot a book" she ran to her locker and then ran back to class when Zayn pushed her down. "How cute, Niall offer you everything and you say no. Your a good listener. I didn't think you would actually believe you were fat" a tear fell from her cheek and she hid in her sweater. I helped her up and we moved pass Zayn into Art. I liked art, but I couldn't do it forever. The teacher started with the rules when I kept looking at Clairy. She was so beautiful. How could Zayn pick on her? I think I'm falling for her. After Art, we made our way to Math. We had a directed study after math which everyone goes to. We sat beside eachother in Math when Zayn sat beside Clairy. I switched eR spots when the teacher wasnt looking and Zayn looked annoyed and mad at me. I chuckled and ran my fingers through my hair. I was stressed because I hated math, it was hard. Clairy was getting this perfectly. The only good thing in at Is Proportions. Math went by fast and Clairy and I made our way to the lecture room. That's where the next class was located. We entered and found ou there were signed seats. I was at the bottom and she was on the top far right corner, the furthest away from me. I walked up and looked at the names in the chairs, seeing "Zayn Javvad Malik" right next to her. Whyis this happening to her?! Zayn came in and pushed me out of the way making me fall. I picked myself up and Zayn clung to Clairy. A bunch of his people were now surrounding me. No teachers watched this class so it was like recess. He grabbed her by the throat and sucked on her neck making her scream into his hand. I pulled him off of her and punched him. Everyone was surrounding us now. Zayn walked away and announced "when you want t be fucked better than him, call Me" he ran back up and humped her from behind and wouldn't let her move. She hit him in the chest and he finally walked away. I looked back at her seat and she was gone. "Clairy. Clairy!" I couldn't find her anywhere. I ran into the bathroom and found her in the corner, on the floor in a big ball, water around her. I ran to her and nearly fell. I saw her neck, bruised, and she couldn't hide it with her sweater either. Her shirt was wet, from the tears and the floor. I hugged her feeling it was the only thing to do now. "Niall" she cried "I'm so sorry. I'm an embarrassment to your life, nonetheless mine" I rubbed circles on her back. "I just wanted to fit in" she cried. I hugged her tighter "I understand what your feeling. You fit in in my world." She looked at me, pink cheeks and red puffy eyes. "R-really?" I wiped a few tears away with my thumb. "Yeah" I smiled at her and he hugged me again. "Now lets get you cleaned up" "I don't want to go back out there" I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. She held into the door handle like t was her life. She was laughing a bit. "Babe, you gotta let go" I tickled her sides and she laughed and let go. I carried her to the sink and cleaned her up. "Did you really cal me babe?" "Yes, yes I did! Is there a problem with that?" "No, I just like the fact you did that. Also the sound of it is amazing when it comes from you" we laughed at eachother and then walked back to the next class, Language Arts, together, our hands entwined. I gave her my sweater that I was wearing so she could put it over hers. It covered her bruise. "See, your not an embarrassment" "am too" "are not. Your my princess" she smile and hugged me tightly before we walked into the room grabbing seats befor they were all gone. She took the chair in the corner and took the one beside her. We kept our hands together until he had to write because she was left handed and I was right. Zayn sat in front of us, which made her mad an upset. I rubbed my hand along her back and tore a piece of paper from my notebook silently. I wrote "you alright? Seem stressed" she looked at it and said "a little bit. Love the handwriting. It's perfect....... Like you" "nah, I'm not as good as you are" "are too. Say, I saw you struggling with your homework. You need help with it?" "What subject?" We laughed at each

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