"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


11. Chapter 10: Mom Talk

Nialls POV


i got in my car and then drove to Clairys house. I parked my car and got out. Clairys mom looked through the window and giggled. I went to her front door and knocked. She opened it and greeted me with "good after noon Mr. Horan" I walked in and she closed the door. "You can call me Niall" she laughed and said "okay Niall" she led me to Clairys room.

"So you and Clairy are together huh?"

"Yeah, been a couple days now" I smiled.

"good, good." She looked down. I could tell something wrong.

"is something wrong Mrs. Wayne?"

"ermC yeah. It's just Clairy hasn't ever had a boyfriend" she started to get clothes from the rack.

"really?! That's crazy. She's amazing, beautiful, and everything ill ever need" she laughed.

"she loves you Niall. Always will. Please don't leave her"

"I'll never leave my princess. She's perfect. I love her for her" she chuckled and grabbed pants and shoes and put them into boxes. We walked back into the kitchen. 

"Would you like a glass of tea?"


I sat down on a tool and she gave me a glass of tea.

"I'm in love with your daughter" We laughed together


"she's different, in a good way. I love her smile, her eyes, her laugh, everything about her is perfect" she smiled at me.

"your really into her aren't you?"


we laughed and I said "I guess it's time for me to go" "alright" I drank the rest of my tea and grabbed the boxes. "Thanks again" I took the boxes out t my car and waved goodbye to Mrs. Wayne. I went to my house and put her clothes up onto hangers and then left to the hospital. I entered the room and saw her leaning up. "Good afternoon beautiful" her voice was cracked. "Good morning Niall" then Harry said "the doctors said she wasn't aloud to talk, so they have us this" he picked up a white board with dry erase markers. I grabbed it from him and wrote "how are you feeling? Any better?" I handed the board to her and she wrote down "okay. Could be worse. Throat really hurts" then I said "I talked to your mom. She's letting you move in with me... I thought you'd like that. She said she didn't want to worry about you at my house so she said it was alright" she smiled in return and then spoke "come here" I walked up to her and she reached for a hug. I sat on the bed and hugged her tight. "I love you so much Clairy" I let a few tears fall onto her gown. "Your alright Niall. I love you so much" her voice was getting worse. I hugged her tighter and then pulled away. She wiped tears off and kissed me. I kissed her back and then the kiss ended. Everyone was looking at us. "What?! Ever seen a couple kiss??" I asked. We all laughed. I kept Mrs. Wayne's words in mind. "She loves you. Don't let her go" I hugged Clairy again and then sat back in my chair, soon drifting to a deep sleep.

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