My love fantasy in reality


2. meet Chrissy

"Why the mall?" I moaned.

"Cuz it's good for you."

"Who says?"



" go get dressed."

"Fine." I just finished a breakfast of waffles and toast. My aunt violet wanted to go to the mall and by clothes for school but I just wanted to go to Chrissy's house and just talk but nope. I put my plate on the sink and walked to my room. I went to my dresser and looked at my reflection. Staring back at me was a girl with long wavy black hair, blue eyes, and red full lips. I pulled out my make up and did my daily routine, my smokey eye then a light red lip gloss and finally some mascara. I went through my draws and found a black tank top, skinny jeans and then I got my black combat boots from next to my bed. I quickly changed, ran the brush through my hair then slipped my iPhone in my back pocket and ran downstairs.

"I'm ready."

"Good, let's go." I followed my aunt out the door and to her black GMC. I hopped in the passenger seat and buckled up. My aunt got in started the car, we were off. The car ride was silent except for the radio. My aunt is fun and I like hanging out with her but she can be a real pain, like right now, dragging me to the mall a nine in the morning! I pulled out my phone and started opened my conversation with Chrissy from last night. I added to it and said -hey Chrissy on my way to the mall could you meet me their and help me pick out some clothes for school?-

Chrissy-ya let me just get dressed I will b there in 5 k?-


I closed my phone and just closed my eyes. 5 minutes later I was getting out of the car and saw Chrissy waiting for me at the front doors.

"Hey! How r u? I haven't seen you since yesterday!" We bog started laughing.

"But really how have uh been doing I know that brake up with Jacob really got you down."

"Ya but I'm doing better, cause as you can see I've stopped crying."


"What are we waiting off let's go in!" My aunt said from behind me. I skipped over to Chrissy. We linked arms and walked in. We both immediately walked over to rue 21. ( I love their stuff!) I walked over to the shoe section and Chrissy walked over to the perfume and jewelry, like we alway do and then we both look at the clothes. ( since she is better at finding cute jewelry and I am better at finding cute shoes but we are both AWESOME at picking out clothes.) I found a cute pair of high heel leather ankle boots and black and aqua high tops. I found my size and then started looking for shoes for Chrissy. For her I found brown combat boots that fold down and show the pink flowers on the inside, and red converse. I walked over to her and showed her the shoes and she fell in love with the ones I picked out. She showed me the jewelry she picked out for me which was a nacklace that had a fake ruby in the middle, with angel wings around it and a charm bracket that had an angel wing, a heart and a star with Chrystal like jewels on it.

"Wow that is sooo pretty!"

"We'll so are the shoes!"

"Well we have talent." I said in the middle of my giggle.

" ok let's go look at the clothes."

*30 minutes later*

We had picked out four pairs of skinny jeans (2 pairs for both of us) 6 shirts, the first one was a black tank top the second one was a white tank top the third one was a gray shirt with a gold star in the middle the fourth one was a white shirt that said things like LOL and BRB all over it in black, purple and red. The fifth one was brown with black leopard print all over it and the sixth one was a pink shirt with black zebra print all over it. We also got two dresses on that was black, tight at the top and then foley at the bottom and the one Chrissy got was the same thing in white. Then we got two jackets the one for Chrissy was a jean jacket and mine was a black leather jacket. After we found everything, we went to the cash register to check out. My aunt who had helped us pick out some things when we couldn't decide payed for everything. (My grandfather has a lot of money and he doesn't use it all so all the left over money he gives to my aunt. The next store that we went to was Claire's. ( and yes we still go to Claire's) I found a cute necklace that had the rifle tower on it and a star. I also found a owl necklace where you pushed on the ears and the wings would come up and reveal clock. Chrissy found a pair of studs that had to halfs of a heart. I also found a cool phone case that was all furry on the back with leap prod print on it and Chrissy found a charger that had pearls all over if and a stylus that was bejeweled in a black and white zebra pattern. ( we got two of those cause I really liked it) and I found a plug that closes where the headphone cord goes and it had a little fluff ball attached to the back and Chrissy found one that had a black heart attached to the end she also found a case that had a zebra pattern bejeweled on to the back ( chose it cause it matched the stylus) then we went and checked out, ad headed home. ( but tomorrow we have to go back)

I'm sorry I know this sucks but if you are reading this I will update ASAP

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