1. one

The sound of coffee brewing and marbles clacking together filled within my flat. I was yet again playing Mancala with him. He was beating me though. His name was Wilson. He was my boyfriend of 3 and a half years.

Suddenly the timer went off, indicating the coffee was done. I got some sugar and my favourite mug, adding one. two. three spoonfuls of sugar to my cup. I then poured the hot dark liquid in the cup, and mixed until getting my Samoa creamer and then adding that.

I returned to my white couch, and noticed that Wilson had far too many marbles in his side of the tray than I did- I realised he was cheating. I placed my cup on the table and flipped the game board, causing it to land on the floor, scaring my dog. He let out a deep laugh. A sound I was so used to hearing. A sound I loved to hear.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. It was warm, and cute. We stayed like that for a minute. Not kissing, just enjoying the warmth and company we brought each other. We where so rudely interrupted by a knock. I tended to the noise coming from the front of the flat. I opened my wooden door to reveal a tall boy with curly hair and piercing green eyes. He was cute, sure, but I was with Wilson.

He shot me a big smile before saying,

"Hello. I'm Harry. I was wondering if I could borrow some suga-"

"Babe! I set up another game of Mancala! let's go. Plus you suck at making coffee."

Wilson yelled from the living room. I looked down, and smiled, picturing the stupid smile he had on his face. I look up at Harry, because I felt something burning into my soul. It was his eyes.I quickly stuttered a "Uh yeah sure. Come on in."

He took a big stride in, and waited at the counter and I got the sugar out for the second time today. I handed him the container and tensed at his touch on my hand. Our eyes locked for a second before he scurried out. "Return, please!" I said as he walked out.

I returned to my wonderful boyfriend to play another game of Mancala. I don't know how it came to be, but it became our thing. It was silent as we played. Only the faint '1954' by Milo Greene playing in the back round could really be heard. He then looked up, as did I. He smiled "I love you so much, Natalie."

So! first chapter, what do you think!? Plus this is the first chapter I've even written, ever. On my crappy iPhone. there we go... dangit. I can't get it out of this hahha. well, that's all for tonight. Hailey xx

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