And all your little things


1. Chapter 1

It was a cold night, I was in my BFF's home , Lina.

We were in after party , and then, we came back to her home.

"Do you want to stay here tonight?" She asked.

"No , I'm fine, my home is next to your home, remember?" I said with a little laugh.

And I came to my home , I was so tired.

Then a mail man knocked on the door

I opened the door , and He gave me a letter.

In the letter wrote:

I saw you in the after party and I fell in love <3

I wonder if we can meet somtime

In 9:00 I'll call you and I will tell you

Where we can meet

Yours ,

Liam Payne

OMG ! I cant belive that Liam Payne is IN LOVE

With ME , I'm just Taylor, a dumb teenager that B is the best grade from 3rd grade.

"I can't wait to tell Everyone!" I said , but then, I heard a knock

I opened the door, and it was…

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