From brothers to lovers

Skyler a sweet innocent girl but she has five brothers that are the bad boys they protect sky with their life but after a certain accident she wants to change she wants to be apart of what her brothers do lets just say its not the most safest job they have but what happens when a drunk mistake sky had with her brothers leads to the boys doing it to her everyday read to find out .(WARNING: sexual content read at own risk 16+)


9. Siall romance

the boys went out for a while but I have no idea if they all went but I don't really care ever since mine and zayns shower i haven't left my room . I was about to walk downstairs when I heard moaning I listened closely to hear that the sounds are coming from the bathroom I tip toed down the stairs and towards the bathroom I walked over to the door I could tell it was locked . Hmmm how can I see I thought to myself oh I know I quietly laid down on the ground I shut my left eye and tried to see through the gap at the bottom of the door but I had no luck I mentally groaned and just laid flat on my back . "Wait a minute " I whispered looking at the key hole I carefully sat up onto my knees I closed my left eye and peaked through with my right eye ...there was a sight I never thought I would see Niall was naked leaning against the bath tub with his legs wide opened with his hands pumping his dick I slightly gasped FUCK!! I covered my mouth waiting for him to look up towards the door but he never did so I peaked back into the hole. Niall had his eyes shut tightly , his mouth wide opened panting ,he had little bits of sweat trailing down his bright red face it almost looked painful .I heard his moans getting louder which means he's about to cum within seconds sperm poured out of the tip of his penis it covered parts of his hands and his thighs Niall opened his eyes and moved his hands I saw his member sticking up and let me say it was big I slightly bit my lip feeling wet . My mind was telling me to stand up and walk away while my heart and and my body was telling me to go in and do things to him erg Im going with my body and heart I took another quick peak to see he was in the same position not bothering to clean up I stood up and looked at the book shelf that stood neatly next to the bathroom door I remember Louis telling me once that there was a key for the bathroom inside my favourite childhood book I smiled before grabbing Peter pans adventures of the self I opened the book to see a shiny silver key neatly placed on the blank white page I picked it up and put the key into the hole and turned the key clockwise it made a small click that was to quite for Niall to hear ,I opened the door and saw Niall still laying on the ground exactly in the same position with his eyes closed I quietly walked to him and couched down besides him I'm surprised he can't hear me I lifted my hand and rested in on his cheek his eyes shot opened and stared into mine "w-what are y-you" I cut him off by placing my lips against his he moved his lips In sync I pulled back and looked at him " lets get you cleaned up " I said Niall shook his head "my dick still hurts from the sleep boner " he mumbled I smirked I brought my hand down to rest on his knee he looked at me " where does it hurt " I asked Niall jesters to his whole length I smirked " ill help that I just gotta clean you up first" I said Niall looked at me slightly confused I bent my head down and licked the cum off of his legs Niall slightly moaned I brought my head back up "what happened to you were sore" I joked "I am I'm just focusing on the pleasure" he replied I smiled and grabbed his hands I licked all the cum off of his fingers with nialls eyes staring at me I turned my head back up up to him he was biting his lip " let me pleasure you "I whispered Niall slightly blushed " um that's something I have to tell you " he said I looked at him with curiosity in my eyes "I've never actually been touched by a women or even had sex " he mumbled his answer shocked me because wasn't he a player like my other brothers "but what about " he cut me off " yeah I know I woke up naked in bed with you and the others but I didn't have sex with you i just did other things to you and you never touched me . And with other girls they never got to touch me " he said his cheeks turned bright red with embarrassment I sat down next to him "I won't do anything to you then because I want your first touch and first time to be with the one you love " I said Niall took a quick look at me before looking down at his hands that he placed on his thighs his legs still wide open " but I want you to " Niall said I slightly shook my head " no you don't your just saying that because I mentioned it" I said I put my hands on his knees one on each I pulled his legs closed which hid his penis slightly Niall grabbed my hands but avoided eye contact " but I really want you to" he said I sighed " I told you save yourself for the one you love " I replied Niall looked into my eyes "but I love you " he whispered I shook my head again "no you don't " I mumble my heart slightly cracked saying this " yes I do i go crazy when you just smile at me " I know how to see if he's telling the truth I smile showing my top row of pearly whites Niall slightly blushed before slightly opening his legs about an inch and looked down at his crotch I looked down as well I saw his member standing tall I smiled once again and looked back up to Niall to see he was already staring at me " are you sure" I asked he nodded I kinda feel like a dude now because normally they would be doing this not the other way around but on well " but I don't know what to do " he said shyly I smiled wider " then you'll be my student and ill be you're teacher ill teach you when ever you want " he nodded I smirked " lets just go simple today " I said I moved so I was sitting in front of him " lay down for me " I said Niall obeyed and laid down flat on his back with his legs closed his dick was also in between his legs I crawled on top of him but holding myself up by my elbows Niall looked shy he was tense I leaned my head down to his ear" try to loosen up " I whispered into his ear Niall shivered from my hot breath but loosened up I leaned down and kissed him Niall kissed back he licked my bottom lip for entrance I opened my mouth and battled tongues with him he won the battle while we were kissing I trailed my right hand down his torso to his v-line Niall shivered I placed my hand on his thigh " spread your legs for me " I said against his mouth Niall slowly spread his legs I felt his dick pushing against me I smirked " strokes or job ? " I asked Niall he looked at me " job " he said slightly confused I smirked he has no idea that job is a short version of hand job I slightly moved my body to the side my lips still connected with niall's I stoked his dick Niall moaned against my lips my hand trailed from the bottom to the tip of his penis I ran my thumb against the top a bit of liquid touched my thumb I grinned against nialls lips " gonna cum for me already " I said In his mouth I took my hand of his dick hovering it over his dick Niall moaned at the lost of my touch " more?" I asked Niall nodded his head rapidly I smirked and wrapped my hand around his member and started pumping Niall arched his back and moaned I moved my hand faster Niall moaned even louder " say my name" I whispered pumping his member a bit faster " s-sky" he moaned " scream my name " I said moving my hand as fast as I could Niall tilted his head back "SKY" he moaned I pumped a few more times before he let go I lifted my hand up to my mouth and licked off all the juices I looked down at Niall to see he's a mess panting heavily I looked at his thighs seeing the cum that dripped off my hand on them I stood up and took of my top Niall had gained his breath and stood up " what are you doing " he asked shyly " well we are having a shower " I answered. My eyes kept on raking over his body tattoos on his front and on his arms I will admit he was fucking sexy !!! With his abs and muscles my eyes trailed down his v-line to his large member Niall covered his dick with both his hands his cheeks bright red from embarrassment I walked in front of him " you have nothing to be ashamed of" I said moving his hands he looked at his feet I lifted my hand and brought his face up to meet mine " your so sexy Niall you don't need to cover up " I said Niall shook his head I sighed " look ill even get naked in front of you " I said I pulled down my shorts and stood in my black laced bra and thong Niall but his lip and walked up to me pushing me into the wall " now this I have experience with" he whispered he put his lips against my neck biting and leaving hickeys I melted under his touch butterfly's dance around in my stomach the same feeling I got when I was with zayn the fireworks exploded around us I felt this with zayn too Niall moved his face down to the valley between my breasts he bit what he could before uncliping my bra he threw it to the ground he looked at my large breasts that I get from the slut I called a mum " thank you mum" he said grabbing a hold of one while licking, biting and sucking the other one I tilted my head back moaning under his touch he let go of my breast and moved down to my thong Niall moaned " lets get this off " he said I lifted him back up he pouted " in the shower " I said Niall nodded and sat on the toilet seat waiting for me to take my thong off I pulled it off and stood in front of Niall "fuck the shower , fuck me now" he begged I looked at him unsure " are you sure? " I asked he nodded Niall looked down at my vagina and bit his lip I watched his dick pop up I felt my self become soaked " the come and fuck me " I said Niall stood up and laid us down on the ground he kissed down my stomach to my private "spread your legs for me baby " he said I spread my legs" your so wet " he moaned before putting a finger in me I arched my back and moaned " Niall " I moaned he smirked before replacing his finger with his tongue I screamed in pleasure "NIALL" I moaned the feeling was weird but amazing he took his tongue out "I'm ready" he nervously said I nodded my head " just go into the hole " I explained he nodded and placed his tip at my entrance he pushed himself into me I moaned with each thrust Niall was moaning uncontrollably and panting he started going as face as he can my fingers clawed his back " I'm g-going to " we cut each other off by letting go our body's slightly shook and released Niall pulled himself out of me and my heart was pounding ' why am I getting all these feelings towards the boys ' I thought because your in love my heart yelled at me but I can't be in love with all five . I stood up kissed Niall on the lips before walking out the door stark naked towards my room when I walked in I grabbed a bra and undies and put them on and just hopped into bed like that " I need to think" I whispered to myself before closing my eyes and falling asleep .


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