From brothers to lovers

Skyler a sweet innocent girl but she has five brothers that are the bad boys they protect sky with their life but after a certain accident she wants to change she wants to be apart of what her brothers do lets just say its not the most safest job they have but what happens when a drunk mistake sky had with her brothers leads to the boys doing it to her everyday read to find out .(WARNING: sexual content read at own risk 16+)


2. School


"SKYLER GET UP NOW" I heard Louis shout from down stairs I groan getting out of bed I made my way to my closet and put on a white tank top that said in black bold letters fuck you all with black high waisted shorts and black leather converse and a black beanie I made my way down stairs to remember that the tank top shows a part of my stomach oh fuck before I could go back up stairs I head " sky come sit with us to eat " I heard Harry say I sighed and walked into the kitchen and sat down quickly so the couldn't see what I looked like "hey boobear , nialler,hazza,teddy and li li " I said all in one breath " hey sky" the all shouted out of sync " sky what are you wearing" Harry said staring at me " clothes" I replied " stand up please" he replied I sighed knowing I wouldn't get out of this I stood up and moved my arms off my stomach the boys all stopped what they were doing and rises up from their feet at the same time " no no no you are not wearing that " they said at the same time " we'll to bad we have to go now " they all sighed but nodded Harry Liam and Niall made their way to the car while I grabbed my bag I ran back into the kitchen to find Louis and zayns backs to me so I ran up to them and hugged them they jumped in fright the both looked at me I kissed them on the cheek " bye boobear bye teddy see you later" I yelled making my way out of the house I could faintly hear them say bye sky I hopped in the car -SKIP CAR RIDE- as soon as we got out of the car I had boys whistling at me I looked down blushing while my brothers tensed up " please keep on walking" I whispered to them they nodded and carried on when we were walking down the hall way it went completely quiet you could hear a pin drop we were about to head to our lockers when we heard a boy whisper " I would like to have my way with that sexy thing" I was just hoping my brothers didn't hear which they did they turned around looked at him they ran at him and Niall and Liam grabbed him while Harry stood in front of him beating him I ran towards them " Harry please stop" I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me for a second i felt myself be punched by the kid that called my sexy I felt myself whack into a locker I could Feel something warm on the side of my head so I put my hand on it to see blood I looked up to see everyone looking at me Niall Liam and Harry started to come towards me when I stood up and ran out of the school frightened that if I didn't it would happen again once I reached my home I ran inside with a busted jaw and a bloody head Louis and zayn heard the door and looked my way once they say the blood they shot out of their seats and came towards me " holy shit " zayn said " who did this " Louis growled i opened my mouth to speak but fell into zayns arms unconscious .

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