From brothers to lovers

Skyler a sweet innocent girl but she has five brothers that are the bad boys they protect sky with their life but after a certain accident she wants to change she wants to be apart of what her brothers do lets just say its not the most safest job they have but what happens when a drunk mistake sky had with her brothers leads to the boys doing it to her everyday read to find out .(WARNING: sexual content read at own risk 16+)


4. New me


i waited for my brothers to return I was prepared for the yelling I was about to get up to get something to eat when I heard the door close I sat back down I heard their foot steps but they stopped at the doorway to the lounge crap that means they have seen me "SKYLER ROSE STYLES HORAN PAYNE MALIK TOMLINSON" I heard Louis yell I hate my full name it sounds so weird and its long as I turn towards my brothers "yes" I said innocently "what happened to you why's your hair red and why the fuck do you have a snakebite "Liam said "I needed a change"I said calmly zayn saw the bandages on my wrists "please tell me they are not fucken tattoos" he asked I sighed " if I said that I would be lying"they sighed "at least tell us what you got or did" I nodded and pulled my top just above my belly button to reveal my sparkly black skull attached to my belly button they slightly nodded "I got the snakebite my ears done again I got two tattoos and dyed my hair" they all nodded "um you guys would do anything for me right" I asked they nodded quickly " promise me you will do this " the sighed but nodded " let me be apart of the gang teach me to fight let me be apart of the drug dealing " they all shook their heads saying "no" I sighed "but you guys promised " I said they all sighed "fine" zayn grumbled I smiled and hugged them they hugged back "now go to bed" Liam said I rolled my eyes but obeyed I hopped I to bed wearing my black onesie that says in big white letters on the back CAN'T TOUCH THIS I got comfy and fell asleep. 

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