Going Turbo: A Wreck-It Ralph Fanfiction

He's alive. Of course he's alive. One does not simply defeat Turbo, the greatest racer ever. Will he change? Or will he continue being the ever-present virus? (Takes place three months after Wreck-It Ralph. Contains major - and I mean major - spoilers to the movie. Only pairing I'm using is Hero's Cuties (Felix X Calhoun)


2. Chapter Two: Appalled

The second Yuni Verse announced the arcade's closing, he was out of that mountain. He'd learned the exit from watching some random NPCs come and go, so he was not clueless.

"Wait up, Kid!" someone shouted, and he immediately hid behind a candy cane tree. After a moment, he recognized the voice. It's that halitosis-riddled warthog!

After less than a second, a raven-haired girl with candy in her hair and candy-themed clothes ran by, closely followed by Wreck-it Ralph. Vanellope von Schweetz. But why isn't she wearing her princess outfit? Isn't that sort of a requirement?

Several moments later, Sour Bill darted after them. "Please wait for me, Princess . . ."

The reply came almost immediately, and it looked like Sour Bill hadn't even gotten to finish his sentence. "IT'S PRESIDENT, and I don't need you to follow me everywhere!" Vanellope crowed, sounding like she was fairly far away.

Sour Bill sighed in defeat and stopped running just a couple yards away from him. Almost immediately, he was seized.

"Listen up, Sour Bill," he declared to the startled gumdrop, his light lisp barely defined. "You're going to tell me everything that's happened while I was gone."

All Sour Bill could do was stutter. "T-T-T-T...."

"Turbo." he finished for him with an eye roll. "Yes, I'm Turbo."

"But you're d-dead!" Sour Bill's monotone was replaced by an extremely scared tone.

"Dead? I still was in the code before it was reset. I had time to regenerate." Turbo rolled his eyes again. "Now, what's been happening?"

"W-w-well, it started when Vanellope crossed the finish line . . ."

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