Going Turbo: A Wreck-It Ralph Fanfiction

He's alive. Of course he's alive. One does not simply defeat Turbo, the greatest racer ever. Will he change? Or will he continue being the ever-present virus? (Takes place three months after Wreck-It Ralph. Contains major - and I mean major - spoilers to the movie. Only pairing I'm using is Hero's Cuties (Felix X Calhoun)


1. Chapter One: Alive

It was a peaceful day in the game of Sugar Rush. Vanellope von Schweetz had been president for four years, and was planning to run for reelection. Sgt. Calhoun and Fix-It Felix, Jr. were still happily married. Wreck-It Ralph was doing well, being treated fairly by every citizen of Litwack's Arcade.

Diet Cola Mountain hadn't been touched since the defeat of Sugar Rush's former tyrant. All was well in the little world of Litwack's.

Diet Cola Mountain was silent, as usual. However, a small pile of rubblized Mentos began to move on the surface. It began to move more and more until a gloved hand accompanied by a red-and-white sleeve popped free of the rubble. It was closely followed by a gray face and a red-and-white helmet adorned with a T.

He blinked his yellow eyes and looked around quickly, not recognizing his surroundings until he remembered what had happened.

He let out an angry growl and forced himself free of the ruined Mentos. His skintight suit matched his helmet, and he wore white boots.

He looked down at himself. "Well, at least I don't have to look like that ridiculous king anymore." he sighed in defeat, looking around at the boiling hot diet Coca-Cola and the precariously hanging mints.

This was that little glitch's hideout. he remembered, looking around in wonder. Where could she be now . . . ah, yes, she was the 'rightful' ruler of this game. She'd be in the castle. Or with the other racers.

"Closing time in ten minutes." a female voice echoed into the mountain from an unknown source.

"Turbo-tastic." he chuckled darkly, and sat on a ledge to await the time when he would assess the damage done to his hard work.

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