NAKED(One Direction fanfic)

Annah and Lauren are having some special guests coming over. You guessed it The biggest boyband in the world One Direction. But what happens when four of them fall head over heals for annah?


8. Chapter 8.

2 weeks later……


Annah's POV.

I feel someone put a hand over my mouth, I open my eyes and see Dave on top of me. I try to scream but he presses his hand harder.

"Shhh. I won't hurt you, unless you want me too" His laughter is maniacal.

I try to squirm so that I can push him off but it's impossible, he leans closer. His hot breath against my skin sends terrifying shivers down my spine.

"You are mine, no one else's and if I can't have you no one can" he leans back up and wraps is hands around my neck and starts squeezing.

I start to scream hoping for someone to hear me but it's getting harder for me to breath as I feel him squeeze harder.


Lauren's P.O.V

I wake up to screaming coming from down stairs, it took me a second to realize it was Annah. I rush down stairs and into her room, I see her squirming and gasping for air. I run over and start to shake her.

"Annah! Annah! Wake up!" I shout. "Wake up Annah!" I shout again. Finally she opens her eyes and starts to cry.

"He's going to get me!" She shouts with tears pouring down her cheeks. The boys came rushing in, I looked at them and they look just as helpless as I feel.

"Everything will be okay" I say holding her tightly. Hoping that I'm not wrong.


Annah had finally fallen back to sleep, I slowly close the door behind me and join the boys in the living room.

"She fall asleep?" Harry asks. I nod and sit next to Niall on the couch.

"This is the third time this week. She should go talk to someone about this" Zayn says frustrated. We're all frustrated, frustrated that we can't do anything to help her from living in fear.

"Niall and I have already tried. She doesn't want to talk to anyone about it." I say feeling tired.

"Has anyone heard from Louis or Liam?" Niall groggily asks.

"Not since what happened at the hospital" Harry says beginning to yawn.

We hear a knock on the door. Who would be knocking at 4 in the morning? Zayn grabs his bat and heads over to open the door, he opens the door and it's Louis. He's in his boxers and t-shirt and his slippers.

"Speak of the devil" Zayn lightly chuckles.

"What are you doing here?" I snap. He has the nerve to come here after what he did at the hospital.

I hear Annah's door open and she walks out, she goes over to Louis and takes his hand and starts to walk back to her room. She stops and looks at us. "I asked him to come, goodnight" she says before her and Louis enter the room.

We all look at each other confused and unsure of how to feel right now.


Annah's P.O.V

"Are you okay?" Louis asks as I close the door. "You seemed really-" I press my lips against his and he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses back.

The kisses became deeper and more passionate,"" I say in between kisses.

Without breaking contact he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his torso as he walks over to the bed and lays me down.

He stops,"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asks with concern on his face.

"Yes I'm sure, I don't want to think about anything else besides me and you on this bed."

"Okay just wanted to make sure" he smiles and presses his lips with mine again.

I grab the end of his shirt and pull it off of him, for a guy who doesn't really work out he has one hell of a body. He pulls down my shorts and takes my tank off. I feel a pang of pleasure as he slides his finger in and out of me. As I reach for his shaft and start to stroke it up and down I feel him moan on my lips, I slightly smile and stroke faster.

"Oh fuck!" He moans and pulls away. "I don't want to cum yet love"

He comes closer and slowly slides in me, I let out a moan as he moves faster. This is exactly what I needed to distract myself from thinking of HIM, we both let out a loud moan as we reached our climax. He pulls out and lies down beside me.

"Wow that was great" he says trying to steady his breathing.

"Yeah, it was nice" I say getting up. "I'm going to take a shower"

"Can I join you?" He asks.

"Um...sure" I shrug and walk towards the shower. I turn on the water and stepped in when it was hot enough, as he came in I caught myself staring at his body like a bloody idiot.

He looks at me and laughs, "come here love" he pulls me to him under the water. "You know I never thought you'd call me ever again"

I looked up at him and he smiles, "but I'm glad you did." I just smile and we finished up our shower.

"You okay? You've been quiet this whole time" he says putting on his shirt.

"Yeah I'm fine it's just...." I pause "never mind"

"Just what darling?" He asks furrowing his brows.

"Just that I'm not looking for a relationship right now after everything that's happened, though I don't want just be friends with you"

Louis P.O.V

"So what? Like friends with benefits?"

"Yes, you can say no I'd completely understand" she says as fidgets with her fingers.

"Sure why not, I'm not looking for relationship either" I lie.

"Okay" she slightly smiles.

"Well I guess I better get going then" I give her a kiss on her forehead and head toward the door. I feel her grab my arm.

"Please don't leave" she says, her eyes are filled with so much fear and pain. 

"Okay I won't" she smiles and my heart aches for her."Let's go to bed yeah?" I say. She nods and leads me towards the bed.

"Can I lay on your chest?" she shyly asks. I nod and she lays on my chest.

"Goodnight" she whispers as she shuts her eyes. I hear her start to slightly snore and I just smile to myself.

"Goodnight" I kiss her head and drift off to sleep.


Authors note: ah update! I know its short but I hope you guys enjoy it. I'm sorry its been so long, I've been extremely busy. Being an adult is hard :/ Anyways.. enjoy this chapter :D

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