NAKED(One Direction fanfic)

Annah and Lauren are having some special guests coming over. You guessed it The biggest boyband in the world One Direction. But what happens when four of them fall head over heals for annah?


5. Chapter 5

Annah's P.O.V

I'm awaken by the most annoying sound everyone hates to hear in the morning. I reach over to press the snooze button, I slowly force myself to get up and drag my feet making my way to the bathroom. I really hate waking up before the sun is even out and I don't have to be at work until 8, but I have to shower, get dress, cook breakfast especially for Lauren, and wake up Lauren and make sure she is fully up. I moan at how much stuff I have to do before work, I quickly shower and hop out. I peek out the door and see Liam still sleeping, I walk out and into my closet to pick out clothes for the day.

"Good mor-Oh god I'm so sorry!" Liam says covering his eyes.

"Shit! Not again! I thought you were asleep" I say quickly putting on my bra and underwear.

"I was but I had to go to the bathroom" he says walking in the bathroom. I put on pants and a t-shirt.

"I am really sorry about that again" he says pushing his hair back.

"You don't have to apologize, I should be the one to apologize. You'd think I'd learn after what happened yesterday" I let out a small chuckle.

"That's alright, but if it helps you have a nice body" he says.

"T-thank you" My face flushes red. "Um, so breakfast?" I say breaking the silence. We walk over to the kitchen and I start pulling out things to make breakfast.

"So how'd you sleep?" he asks

"I slept pretty well, how about you?" I say while whisking the pancake mix.

"I slept good too, but do you need any help?" he asks walking over to me.

"Yeah could you finish whisking this? I need to go wake up Lauren. Can you believe 18 and she still need someone to wake her up" I laugh and walk up stairs.

"Lauren get up and get ready for uni" I say ripping off the blanket.

"No, leave me alone" she moans hiding underneath the sheets.

"Lauren so help me if you don't get up I will get a bucket of ice water and pour it on you like I did last time" I threatened.

"Fine, I'll get up god! Why are you such a pain in the morning!" She shouts on her way to the bathroom.

"Yeah well same goes to you Lauren!" I shout back. I swear that girl sometimes. I walk back down and start cooking.


"Is it always like that in the morning?" Liam asks while eating.

"No sometimes she hits me with a pillow, we like to switch it up once in awhile" I say with a straight face. We laugh about how ridiculous me and Lauren are.

"Yes pancakes my favorite!" Lauren say walking in and grabbing a stack full of pancakes.

"Well good morning to you too Lauren" Liam slightly laughs.

"Oh sorry good morning Liam" she smiles with a mouthful of pancakes.

"Alright guys well I got to go, I'll see you guys later" I say about to walk out.

"Wait is it okay if me and the lads hangout here until you get back?" He asks.

"Uhh...sure just don't make a mess" I say slightly worried that they will.

"Thanks" he says walking over to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. I smile and open the door again.

"Wait Annah, let me take the car to school today please" Lauren says rushing towards me.

"Ugh..fine but come on I have to go work" I say slightly annoyed.

"Bye Liam see you later" we both say and walk out. We get in the car and drive off. We arrived at the cafe were I work at.

"Do you need money for the bus?" She asks.

"No I'll probably ask someone for a ride" I say getting out of the car.

"Okay well have fun at work" she smiles.

"Have fun at uni" I smile back. She drives off and I walk in.


After being here for hours I can't wait to go home, I love my job and all but sometimes it feels like I'll never get out. I count down the minutes I have left in this never ending cycle of satisfied and unsatisfied costumers.

"So Annah do have a hot date tonight? Or what?" My co worker Ally asks.

"Why do ask?" I ask confused.

"Well it seems like you have somewhere to be staring at the clock like that" she slightly smiles.

"Um yeah I have a date tonight" I smile.

"Omg really? Yay!" She squeals "Are you excited?" She asks.

"Yeah I am but I also have a date with another guy tomorrow night, and I'm not sure if that's okay to do"

"First off who are these guys? And second it's okay as long as you tell them that you are seeing different people." She explains.

"Okay and the guys are Louis and Liam from one direction" I say shyly.

"What!" She yells. Everyone turns to us.

"Shh don't say anything" I say feeling embarrassed.

"Sorry, but oh my gosh! You're going out with 2 out of the 5 hottest guys in the world! I'm so jelly right now." She quietly shouts.

"Annah! Ally! Quit talking and get back to work!" My boss shouts.

"Hope you have fun" she says before attending a costumer.

"What can I get for you?" I ask walking over to the register

"I'll get a vanilla cappuccino...holy crap Annah!?" I looked up and see Dave.

"Hey Dave! How are you?" I ask.

"I'm good, fancy seeing you here" he says smiling.

"Ha yeah well I work here" I mentally smack myself, obviously he knows I work here.

"I see, so when are you off?" He ask handing me money for his drink.

"I'm actually off right after I give you your coffee" I say making the coffee.

"Sweet, how about we go get some ice cream?" He asks.

"Okay but you're having coffee?" I say with confused look.

"Okay well truthfully I saw you through the window and want "bump into you" so I could ask you out" he nervously laughs.

"You could've just asked me without buying anything" my face is flushed red.

"It's okay it was worth it since you said yes" he says smiling.

"Okay give me a minute" I say walking in the back room to grab my stuff and hang up my apron. I walk back out and say bye to Ally and meet Dave outside. I sent a text to Liam saying I would be a little late.

"Ready?" Dave asks.

"Ready" I say putting on my seatbelt.

Lauren P.O.V

I unlock the door and walk in to what seem like a tornado hit my living room. The boys were playing xbox and through food at each other.

"Oh. My. God! You guys are in so much trouble when my sister comes up!" I shout.

"Oh shit she already on her way up!? I thought she was coming home late?" Liam says

"That was almost an hour ago Liam, I know cause she sent me the same text. You guys are so dead. I don't want to be here when she's sees this." I warn them. I hear giggling outside the door, so I decided to open it and find her kissing some dude. She turns around her face is bright read.

"Um Dave, boys and Lauren. Lauren and boys, Dave" she says introducing him.

"Hi Dave" we all say in unison.

"Hi, well I'll see you later babe" he say while kissing her again and leaving. She closes the door and her face is filled with anger now.

"What the hell you guys! I said not to make a mess! Liam I told you could have them over! Not trash my place! I want this place spotless when I come back!" She yells walking in her room.

Once they were all finished cleaning, Liam knocked on Annah's door.

"We are leaving" he says when she opens the door.

"I'm really sorry I yelled at you guys, I just really don't like messes" she says

"It's okay we understand, and don't worry about our date tonight. It seems like you've already chose someone. I guess we'll see you around" he says giving her a kiss on the cheek and walking away.

"I'll see you tomorrow Lauren" Niall says giving me a hug. I waved goodbye to them as they left and closed the door. I look at Annah.

"Don't say anything Lauren" she says slamming the door.

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