NAKED(One Direction fanfic)

Annah and Lauren are having some special guests coming over. You guessed it The biggest boyband in the world One Direction. But what happens when four of them fall head over heals for annah?


2. Chapter 2

"Shit" I whisper to myself.

"We didn't see anything love" I hear Louis thick accent through the door.

"Um,give me a sec" I say running to my room and put on my robe.I take a deep breath and open the door.

"I swear we didn't see anything" Louis says.

"I did" Harry says very cheekily. Zayn smacks harry on the head.

"Come on in" I say shyly. "Um, yeah so make yourselves at home I'm going to get change real quick." I say grabbing my phone and walking towards my room.

"Can I come watch?" Harry says with a smirk.

"Zayn" Liam says. Zayn nods and smacks harry again.

"We apologize for him. Please go get change, we will be right here waiting for ya" Niall says smiling.

"Ok I'll just be a few minutes" I say walking in my room and closing the door. I put on a white tank and some high waisted shorts with a jean jacket and my boots. I brushed my hair and put a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. I take out my phone and call Lauren.

"Hello" she whispers.

"I need you to come home now." I say

"I'm a little busy right now and what about what you said about staying in school" she says.

"Forget what I said, the boys are here and I sort of opened the door when I was air drying" I say

"You what! Haha Oh My Gosh!" She shouts

"Lauren get off the phone!" Someone shouts. I think it's the professor.

"Okay I'm on my way. I got to go" She says hanging up.

I walk out and the boys are looking at the pictures on the wall. Except I don't see Niall.

"You guys come up here there's a room full of food!" He shout running down the stairs

"Haha you found my sisters room" I somewhat laughed.

"Wow that's your sisters room,I thought it was some sort of food storage, so I kind of somewhat took some crisps" he says taking out an open crisp bag from his pocket.

"Oh lord, I don't think you should have done that she gets in a pissy mood when someone takes her stuff" I say warning him.

"I'm sure she won't even notice,there's too many to notice" he says eating a crisp

"You have no idea, every morning and night she counts her all the food she has" I explain.

"I'm sure it'll be fine" he says

"Ok. So would you guys like something to drink or to snack on?" I ask them.

"Water please" Louis and Liam both say.

"I'll have some soda please" Harry says

"Me and Niall will have soda as well" Zayn says.

"Okay I'll be back" I say walking towards the kitchen. I get the tray and start to put the drinks on it and walk back out.

"Here you guys are" I say putting the tray on the coffee table.

"Thank you" They all say. It was really quiet and sort of awkward since no one was talking.

"Say let's play a game shall we?" Louis says

"Okay let's play truth or dare" Harry says with a big smile.

"Um I don't know abou-" was all I could say since they cut me off.

"Yes! Let's play that" they all say.

"Um okay" I say completely not having a choice.

"So Annah you should go first since this is your place" Liam says

"Oh okay, Liam truth or dare?" I ask.

"Oh love you should of just asked truth or truth cause we all know that's what he always chooses" Louis says.

"I pick dare then" Liam says .

"I dare you and Louis to switch clothes" I say smiling.

"Okay? What room can we change in" Liam asks.

"You have to change in front of us" I say laughing.

"Alright then" Louis says standing up.

"What? I don't feel comforta-" he try's to say before I cut him off.

"You picked dare Liam" I say

"Fine" he says getting up.they both start undressing and switching clothes, they sat back down once they were done.

"See it wasn't that bad" I say.

"Okay Liam it's your turn" Harry says.

"Okay Annah truth or dare" Liam asks.

"Dare" I say with confidence.

"Okay I dare to run around the hallway waving your hands singing "I'm sexy and I know it" Liam says.

"But in your bra and underwear" Louis adds

"Wait what? No I don't think so" I say shaking my head.

"You pick dare Annah" Liam and Louis say mimicking me.

"Okay fine" I sighed. I quickly undressed and started to walk towards the door. Louis held the door open for me and the boys.

"So how many times do I have to do this?" I ask trying to cover up.

"Back and forth 4 times" Harry says.

I started to run down the end of the hallway. I could hear the boys whistling and laughing every time I ran passed them.

"I like your bum love" Louis shouts out. I turn around and flipped him the bird. As I turn around to run my forth one, I bumped into someone and fall to the ground. I looked up to some grey eyes looking down at mine.

"Hey are you okay?" His says holding out his hand to me.

"Yeah I'm okay, just didn't see you there" I say giving him my hand and helps me up.

"Why are you running half naked?" He asks

"Oh um about that, we are playing truth or dare" I say pointing towards the boys.

"I see" he says looking over at the boys.

"My name is Annah by the way" I say.

"My name is Dave" he says. I feel an arm wrap around my waist.

"And I'm harry" Harry says glaring at Dave.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Dave asks.

"As a matter of fact I-" Harry says.

"Is not my boyfriend" I say cutting Harry off.

"Well really have to go" Harry says pulling me towards the flat.

"Maybe I'll see you around then" Dave shouts

"Sure" I shout back. I see him go up the stairs.

"What the hell was that for?" I say pulling away from Harry

"I don't like that guy, there's something off about him" he says

"You don't even know him" I say walking into my flat and grabbing my clothes to go change. I put on my clothes and walk back out.

"Annah I'm home" I could here Lauren say from the door.

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