Louis's little sister

Lizzy was adopted when she was three. She doesn't remember a thing about her biological parents, but she does know this, she has an older brother who will do anything and everything to find her.


3. You look familiar

"Lizzy. Ian. I'm home, come meet my new clients." dad called from down stairs.           "I'll race you." I said to Ian running down towards the living room.                               "No fair." he shouted tackling me to the ground when he reached the living room.   "wow!" I heard a cute Irish accent say. His hair was blondeand slightly curley.         "Hi. I-I'm Elizabeth, I mean, you can call me lizzy." I stutter blushing a bit.                 "You look alota lot like my mate Lou." he said staring  at me intensely and I could feel Ian tense beside me.                      

"Lou?" I asked. Like the Lou from my dream, no, it can't be.

"Ya lou one of my best mates. I'll show you." He said dragging me to the kitchen. When we walked into the room I could feel several pairs of eyes checking me out. As I looked up I thought I was looking in a mirror, except I was looking at a boy, he looked just like me in every feature on his face.

"Well," said the Irish accent "this is -" but he was cut off by someone who must have been Lou.

"Let me guess," he said walking up to me and tugging up the right side of my shirt "Her name is Lizzy." He said lifting the left side of his shirt up and pressed our hips together.

"What are you doing?!" I shreiked

"Look our birthmarks match. A perfect heart." he said 


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