Last first kiss

When Kaylyn Anderson 16 meets Harry styles at Starbucks and hit it off right away will their relationship last or will it be just another one of Harry's flings??


2. love at first sight

Harry's P.O.V

I was reaching in my pocket to get my money and liked to the side. My eyes took place on a beautiful girl that I dident want to keep my eyes off of. She smiled a little than looked back to her book. I paid the counter women and kept my eyes on this girl. Everything about her is beautiful. Her hair her eyes her mouth EVERYTHING I tell you. When my Oder was called I grabbed my coffee and started heading towered the door. I could leave without tall kind to her. I turned around and walked straight over to her table.

" Hello ma'am my name is Harry and I was very distracted by your beauty at the register" she chuckled and looked up at me.

"Hi my name is Raylyn." She said with a smile on her face

"We'll Raylyn I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go for a bite to eat sometime?''

"That sounds fun" she said

" we'll what if I pick you up tonight?"

" ok that will be great "she said. She wrote her address and phone number on a pice of paper.

Sorry these were so short I'll update soon!!!

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