Skylar and her best friend Lexie are and a group together. Skylar's dad is not only her and lexie's manager but he is also One Direction. And when one direction goes on a world tour Skylar and Lexie Are There opening acted.


4. Chapter 4

   It's 1 hour till show time, and I can't stop noticing how Lexie is smiling and giggling at her phone. I'm stuck listen to Joe (Our Stylist) tragic love story. Why does One Direction get the cool stylist. She fun and young, and we have Joe cause Cathy knows her. As soon as I got done I walked up to Lexie, grabbed her phone from her hands, and ran. I ran out the room down the hall and to the boys dressing room, and locked the door.

 "Whatcha doing?" Harry asked. "Skylar it's not funny. Give me my phone back!' Lexie yelled through the door. "Never!" I yelled at her through the door. "oh look like someone got a texted from-" I said standing "Skylar give me my phone. I unlocked her phone and skimmed through part of a conversation. "okay. okay" I opened the door. "Here you go. And tell Ashton if he hurts you I will chop his nuts off." I smiled but she gave me the death glare and walked away.

 I turned around and walk and sat next to Niall. He looked at me and smiled. "What was that all about?" Liam asked me. "Well it's a long story" I said. "Well how about we go out after show we go out and you can explain." Harry joins. "Sounds good."

 I grabbed my phone out  of my pocket and laid down and put my head on Niall's lap. Yes he can be annoying but he is really but he is really comfortable and fun to mess with. "Is there any reason you came to our dressing room out of all the rooms back stage?" Zayn asked. "Yes actually. You are nice, funny, and have a cool stylist unlike my old fart stylist." I sat up and lean my head Niall's shoulder. He looked and me with a smiled and I looked up him "What?" I ask "Nothing. You just- just- never mind" he stutter "No tell me!" I said playing on my phone not bothering to move my head. "It's just that you your so weird."  I lifted up my head and glared "What do you mean?" "Well sometimes your seem like you can't stand me. And other times your Like this. I- I Just don't get it." He explains. "Well sometimes I simply can't stand you, and other times I- I- I Just I don't know. I feel like I could do anything like lay or lean on you and I can talk to you." I weakly smiled.

 I got up and started walking to my door . "where you going?" Niall asked. "Back to my dressing room, to finish getting ready." I said back "Oh well good-luck"  he smiled. "Thanks you too". I walked down to Lexie's and my dressing room.

 "Start heading to the stage." My dad tells us. I take out  my phone to put it in my bag.

From: Nialler~ Hey I Need to talk to you after the show.

  Popped up on the screen.

A/N: Cliffhanger

Sorry it took so long to update I got really busy

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