A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


2. The Plane Ride.

          " I can't believe that you get to meet them and I don't," John said as he squeezed me tightly right before I was getting on the plane.

          "Oh shut up John, you wouldn't do anything but faint. It's okay though because you have me!" Mike said after John let me go. I hugged John's boy-toy and laughed. Once again, I leave my two best friends to a made up personality and life. I flash a smile and could not help to think how fake I felt. I felt like a charlatan; I was no where near happy. I did not even get so say good bye to my younger sister, but I knew I, sadly, could not trust her with this one story. It seems like everyone is obsessed with this bunch of kids, while I am not at all. I get my carry on and begin to try to assimilate to this new lifestyle for four months of touring, traveling, bus riding and them.

         "Bye! Have fun with five gorgeous men!" I smiled at the comments of the loud yelling from my boys. I turn and flash a final smile and wave a good bye to what I had in New York. I hand my ticket off to the attendant. She smiled and I could not help but give a simple smirk. I took the ticket and walked into the runway.

         First class. That was the least the newspaper could have done or me. I had to brush up on the boys' outfits along with their personalities. Luckily, I took a course in college on how to dress men; it was called my gay friend John. Ever since, I helped over view a couple of fashion blogs for a few of my co-workers. I regret telling my editor about it.

          The flight attendant started the round of safety for the plane, but I was not dreading the safety of the plane, but the state of my sanity. I took a look around and saw my ex boyfriend, Scott, on the other side of the plane.

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