A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


9. The Next City Over.

         As we ride in a crowded bus on the way to the next city, Niall decides to take me into the back of the bus. When we head to the back I hear the cheers of 'oohhhs' and 'awwws' from Liam and Louis. They kept calling out for Niall who was blushing so much I grabbed his hand, which was not the best idea because Louis only grew louder on Liam's account. It was not until we entered the intended room Niall wanted us to go the cat-callng seized. A room where bunks stacked on top of each other for sleep made me realize how I actually felt sorry for them. The way they never actually had a real bed or how their house is on wheels for months and months sadden me a it, but when I look at Niall who sits on the floor of the very narrow hallway excluded by the rest of the bus riders, I smile. Zoey was wrong about One Direction, along with other things. I knew I wanted to stay as Kristen for as long as I can, but it all seems it's happening very quickly. I don't want it to end.

      "Come. Sit! Kristen, you're absolutely beautiful and I admire you so much." I could see his chest hair from the way he was sitting, a bit slouched. He had very poor posture. He sat with his legs crossed which raised the basketball shorts he was wearing but very subtly. He waited for a response; all I could do was smile. He actually left me speechless while Zayn left me breathless right after. I look at Niall as he kept talking and laughing and I could not help but to think about my career. He was so sweet to me. I have never had someone who made sure I got to my hotel safely or ask me what I had to lunch then ask if I had leftovers. Scott , who was my longest running boyfriend of two years seven months and three days had never asked me if he wanted to one day hopefully lay out on the beach without distractions and wait for the stars to come out.

       "Kristen, I have to say, I've never meet anyone like you." I flinch at the name Kristen. She actually started to like One Direction, she actually wanted to be with Niall, she actually wanted to go sailing with Liam , she actually wanted to go see Louis pay soccer, she actually wanted to go see a concert with Lou and Harry, but she actually decided to have an affair with Zayn Malik. If this was Zoey, she would have made this front page news already.

         "Niall,  actua-" I was interrupted by a text message I received that read 'I did something very stupid. -Z'.

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