A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


10. The Next Bus Over.

       "Wait wait what? No. This doesn't make sense!"

        "Listen closely babe, I went to sleep for a little bit and had a dream of you and when I woke up I had a boner. I decided to take care of it and so, I kept going. Harry walked in when I was saying your name. He-" Zayn did not know what else to say. Kristen sat there speechless not knowing what else to say over the phone in the bathroom of the tour bus, yet Zoey is mentally taking notes on how One Direction has endless amounts of gossip and rumors along with sex and scandal behind closed hotel rooms and tour bus walls. I could still here him breathing on the other line. I start tearing up thinking about Niall in the other room.

        "What did Harry say?" I tried to make out between sobs.

         "Nothing really he just stood there shocked. I tried to say Kristen Stewart, but I doubt he believes me. You should talk to him." I stop crying immediately. I have nothing to do with what he did. There is no evidence of the affair, not even telephone records.

         "Why should I? You were the one thinking about me. This was purely sex and you know it. You were the one caught here, not me."  I hung up the phone as Zoey. I stormed out of the bathroom without looking at Niall who joined Liam and Louis in the front of the bus. At the corner of my eye, I knew he stood up to check where I was heading off to, but he gave me space. I walked to the room Niall and I previously were, grabbed my laptop, laid into one of the small bunks, and began tying. I opened up a new page to begin the assignment I was too distracted to write. This had to be good if I wanted out of this life. I was Zoey and no one else.

          About thirty-five minutes into typing on only two weeks of what had happened, there was a knock on the door. I focused still on m writing say 'Enter'. It was Niall.

          "Hey, everything alright?" He notices I am typing furiously on my laptop. He tries to sit on the corner of the bunk which really does not work out only because the space is too small; he decides to stand instead.

           "I got a call from my ex, Scott, who just decide to put me into a terrible mood," I lie as I turn off my computer and set it off to the side.

           "Why don't you tell me what happened?" Kristen moves over to make him some room which he accepts and enters the bunk, but then Zoey took over and managed to climb over him.

           "Let's not. I wanna have some fun." I then kiss his neck roughly and feel his crotch becoming thicker and harder. I grind my body slowly against his a bit taking my mind off of Kristen and more on myself.

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